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Exercise for Toddlers and Preschoolers

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children and teens should be "physically active for at least 60 minutes per day," although they stress that it doesn't have to be 60 minutes of continuous activity. As most parents know, along with a healthy diet, regular exercise is the best way to lose weight and prevent childhood obesity. Regular exercise [...]

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Autism Linked to Screen Time

Too much exposure, especially in boys, may stunt social development. Brains at every age, especially developing ones, adapt to the environment in which they find themselves. What worries a growing number of advocates are the potential risks of heavy screen exposure, including, they believe, the hastening of autism in the young and attention deficit–hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in older children. Dangers [...]

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5 Ways to Inspire Kids to Read for Fun

These days it seems like children prefer to sit in front of screens rather than engage with old-fashioned print. Here are a few easy and effective ways you can encourage kids to pick up a book and read. Reading enriches our lives in so many ways, from its ability to reduce stress and help us relax to [...]

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10 Insights of Remarkable Parents

At any given time, you’ll find four or more parenting books on my Amazon wish list, a few by my nightstand, and an email inbox chock full of insightful parenting theories and approaches. Granted, child development is my career, but I speak with plenty of parents in my practice who find themselves in similar circumstances. [...]

Gambling Operators are Cashing in on Teens’ Addiction to Online Games

Problem gambling is a significant societal concern that is set to get bigger. Game and gambling operators are chasing the proliferation of new technologies readily accessible via your phone or tablet. This is breaking through traditional barriers to advertising, leaving the switched-on generation in the firing line. Gambling operators may feel they have hit the [...]

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Child Flu Cases Show Alarming Rise Amid Incorrect Vaccination Advice From GPs

Baby Clementine was burning with fever, coughing and sleeping almost around the clock. Her parents, Emily Ritchie and Lachlan Barnes, had no idea their 15-month-old had fallen ill with the flu. Like more than two-thirds of Australian parents, they hadn't immunised their daughter against the potentially deadly virus. The Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne has seen an alarming [...]

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Students with ADHD Falling Behind in Literacy and Numeracy

FOUR in 10 Australian secondary students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are failing minimum literacy or numeracy standards, worrying new research has revealed. The Australian-first study by the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute found almost three-quarters of Year 7 students with ADHD had problems with writing. More than half of Year 9 students with the disorder [...]

Hey Dads, Are You Positive Role Models for your Daughters?

It's time for dads to step up, family experts are stressing, as modern-day girls face unprecedented anxiety about the world around them. While research suggests a growing number of Australian men are becoming stay-at-home parents, experts say they need to foster a different kind of relationship with their child than may have been the case [...]

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That’s Life: Helping Kids Deal with Disappointment

How Kids Benefit from Disappointment Whether it's a trip to the playground that gets ruined by rain or there are no more chocolate sprinkles at the ice cream shop, life is full of little and big disappointments. And as much as we'd like to spare our kids from letdowns, we can't -- and that's a [...]

Spanking Can be Detrimental for Children’s Behavior, Even 10 Years Later

Past research has indicated that physical punishment, such as spanking, has negative consequences on child development. However, most research studies have examined short-term associations -- less than one year -- between discipline and development. Now, researchers at the University of Missouri have found that physical discipline experienced during infancy can negatively impact temperament and behavior [...]