Alarming Long-Term Effect Of Teen Sleep Deprivation

Teaching kids sleep hygiene may be an easy way to reduce crime. People comparing current crime rates with those of past decades tend to agree that today’s numbers should be lower. And new research points to a relatively easy way to do that: Help teens get more sleep. Researchers found that teens who reported feeling drowsy in [...]

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Young People With Mental Illness More Likely to Wind up Homeless

Youth homelessness is Australia’s national disgrace, with 44,000 kids sleeping rough right now YOUNG people with a mental illness are three times more likely to wind up homeless, after which their prospects of positive health and social outcomes dwindle significantly. A new report by the charity Mission Australia will be released, identifying the major risk factors that [...]

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Eye Patterns in Children: The Development of Anxiety and Emotion

New study by UCR psychology professor finds that children pay close attention to potentially threatening information and avoid eye contact when anxious We spend a lot of time looking at the eyes of others for social cues – it helps us understand a person’s emotions, and make decisions about how to respond to them. We [...]

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Spanking Can be Detrimental for Children’s Behavior, Even 10 Years Later

Past research has indicated that physical punishment, such as spanking, has negative consequences on child development. However, most research studies have examined short-term associations -- less than one year -- between discipline and development. Now, researchers at the University of Missouri have found that physical discipline experienced during infancy can negatively impact temperament and behavior [...]

Clicks and Likes Contributing to a Teen Anxiety Crisis

An increasing dependency on activities associated with the brain's excitement-pleasure circuitry is partly to blame for the rising levels of anxiety and depression in teenagers today. Prominent in this cerebral circuitry is social media. A psychiatrist speaking to a group of teachers at the beginning of the school year warned of the "anxiety tsunami" that [...]

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Simple Strategies To Help Diffuse Anxiety in Children

If you suspect your child is suffering from anxiety or if your child has been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, you may feel rather overwhelmed and not knowing what to do. Beyond seeking help and support from a mental health professional, there are other things you can do to empower yourself as a conscious parent. [...]

When is a Friendship Toxic?

Friendships can be complicated. The childhood fantasy of a BFF who is always nice, kind, empathetic, available… is generally shattered relatively early when they come to the realisation that friendships are complex relationships that ebb and flow, weaken and strengthen and have other relationships attached to them. We all want and need friends. One, two, [...]

Half of Pupils Expelled from School Have Mental Health Issue

IPPR thinktank says permanently excluded children in England face significant disadvantage because of ‘broken system’ Half of all pupils expelled from school are suffering from a recognised mental health problem, according to a study. Those who are permanently excluded find themselves at a significant disadvantage, with only one in a hundred going on to attain [...]

Baby Care: 3 Rs for Raising A Happy Child

Have you seen a “depressed” baby? Withdrawn and quiet, uninterested in socializing or exploring? Such behavior might be convenient for stressed parents, but it is a bad sign for baby. Full blown depression may not be diagnosed until toddlerhood, but it can begin in babyhood. Modern parenting culture provides many reasons for babies to get [...]

The Children of Divorce: Protecting the Innocence of Children

We are living in a time of evolving sensitivity to communities who have been dis-empowered. For instance, you don’t have to know someone with a disability to understand the burdens placed on people who look, or act differently, or need accommodations just to reach a level playing field. It is the sign of a vibrant [...]

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