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How Caffeine Helps Premature Babies Breathe Easy

Doctors have been using caffeine for pre-term babies since the 1990s, and new research shows the benefits last for years. There’s nothing like a good slug of caffeine to keep you on your toes, but it’s probably the last thing you’d want to give to a baby. Yet that’s exactly what doctors routinely use to [...]

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Iceland Knows How to Stop Teen Substance Abuse but the Rest of the World Isn’t Listening

It’s a little before three on a sunny Friday afternoon and Laugardalur Park, near central Reykjavik, looks practically deserted. There’s an occasional adult with a pushchair, but the park’s surrounded by apartment blocks and houses, and school’s out – so where are all the kids? Walking with me are Gudberg Jónsson, a local psychologist, and [...]

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Child Flu Cases Show Alarming Rise Amid Incorrect Vaccination Advice From GPs

Baby Clementine was burning with fever, coughing and sleeping almost around the clock. Her parents, Emily Ritchie and Lachlan Barnes, had no idea their 15-month-old had fallen ill with the flu. Like more than two-thirds of Australian parents, they hadn't immunised their daughter against the potentially deadly virus. The Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne has seen an alarming [...]

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Students with ADHD Falling Behind in Literacy and Numeracy

FOUR in 10 Australian secondary students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are failing minimum literacy or numeracy standards, worrying new research has revealed. The Australian-first study by the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute found almost three-quarters of Year 7 students with ADHD had problems with writing. More than half of Year 9 students with the disorder [...]

Alcohol a Bigger Scourge Than Meth

Doctors have criticised state and federal governments over their new drug policy blueprint, accusing them of putting too much emphasis on methamphetamine and not enough on a much more damaging and deadly substance: alcohol. The Australian Medical Association says the recently released National Drug Strategy - which sets out the official approach to preventing and [...]

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The Rape Culture Teens Face Today

A good proportion of people believe that "everybody hates rapists" – but that's because rape culture has done very well to convince the general population that rapists never look like the men you actually know. One of the functions of rape culture is that it works especially hard to provide excuses for the rich young [...]

Too Many Children Being Prescribed Melatonin to Aid Sleep, Experts Warn

Some specialists concerned use of hormone has become a ‘fashionable treatment’ for parents who want ‘perfect children’ The hormone melatonin is being handed out too readily to children who are struggling to sleep, despite the fact little is known about the long-term risks of taking it, experts have warned. Melatonin, a hormone the body produces [...]

Four Personality Traits that Predict Teen Drug and Alcohol Problems

Higher than average levels of impulsiveness, sensitivity to anxiety, sensation seeking and hopelessness. These four personality traits have been shown by researchers to predict those teenagers at high risk of becoming binge drinkers with 90 per cent accuracy. In the first Australian trial, a program targeting 438 year 8 students with one of these traits [...]

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Teenage Binge Drinking: Why Parents Should Delay the Age Kids Have Their First Drink

YOU’RE sitting around the barbie at home and you hand your 16-year-old son a beer. As a responsible parent, you think introducing moderate drinking practices early on is a sensible solution to under-age binge-drinking. You may not be breaking any laws in NSW — parents and legal guardians can supply their underage child with alcohol [...]

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Why Does Prenatal Alcohol Exposure Increase the Likelihood of Addiction?

One of the many negative consequences when fetuses are exposed to alcohol in the womb is an increased risk for drug addiction later in life. Neuroscientists in the University at Buffalo Research Institute on Addictions are discovering why. Through a research grant from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) of the National [...]

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