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Too Many Children Being Prescribed Melatonin to Aid Sleep, Experts Warn

Some specialists concerned use of hormone has become a ‘fashionable treatment’ for parents who want ‘perfect children’ The hormone melatonin is being handed out too readily to children who are struggling to sleep, despite the fact little is known about the long-term risks of taking it, experts have warned. Melatonin, a hormone the body produces [...]

School Clamps Down on Phones and Fitbits to Ease Body Image Worries

Stroud high school for girls says tech gadgets and social media exacerbate pressures leading to low self-esteem A girls’ school is banning wearable activity trackers and smartwatches because of concerns that pupils are skipping lunch if they fail to meet their calorie and exercise targets. Teachers at Stroud high school in Gloucestershire fear the gadgets [...]

Optimal Sleep Times for Children and Adolescents

The question of how much sleep children and adolescents need seems simple on its surface, but is actually not that easy to answer definitively. The question is almost always raised in terms of how many hours of sleep are needed, and typically the question ends there. Not always stated but implicit in the question is [...]

Sex Education and Talking About Sex to Children

Talking about sex, sexuality, bodies and relationships in an open, honest way plays a big role in your young child’s sex education and sexual development. It’s also important to be prepared for answering your child’s questions about sex. Talking about sex and sexuality with young children It’s never too early to talk about sex with your child. [...]

Time For Our Children to Put Down the Devices and Participate in Sport

As too many of our youth spend more and more hours in a zombie-like trance on their video games and electronic devices, parents are beside themselves. Our kids don't want to exercise, let alone do their school work. A phone or computer screen is their best friend as they contact whoever knows who on the [...]

Half of Pupils Expelled from School Have Mental Health Issue

IPPR thinktank says permanently excluded children in England face significant disadvantage because of ‘broken system’ Half of all pupils expelled from school are suffering from a recognised mental health problem, according to a study. Those who are permanently excluded find themselves at a significant disadvantage, with only one in a hundred going on to attain [...]

20 Ways to Help Teenagers Handle Their Anger

Teenage anger can be frightening. Parents find toddler tantrums hard enough to deal with, but when their child becomes taller than they are, and throws their weight around it is time for some serious thought into how to manage the situation. It may be useful to imagine their anger as a balloon. Many things happen [...]

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What’s So Bad About Bribing Your Child?

It's a well-accepted tenet of parenting that bribes are a bad idea, used only by desperate parents. But virtually all parents use them from time to time. So why do "experts" always give this advice? 1. Because children shouldn't be "rewarded" for behavior they should do anyway. I don't find this reason convincing. All of us need [...]

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4 Unique Ways Divorce Affects Adult Children

Divorce doesn't just affect younger kids, here's how it challenges adults as well. Conventional wisdom suggests that getting divorced when your children are adults makes for an easier transition and adjustment for the family than divorcing when the children are younger. This may be true in many cases, and in many different aspects. It is for this [...]

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Is There a Downside to Teenage Popularity—For Parents?

Certainly, young people do not have a corner on the market when it comes to lying.  Adults lie too.  Sometimes selfishly, other times selflessly, in order to preserve relationships. Yet regardless of the age of the deceiver, most people cannot detect deception. The truth about lies has been consistently explained by the scientific community.  Flipping a [...]