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Your Mental Health Involves your Whole Body and Starts with Diet

While many individuals intuitively understand the link between how we fuel and move our bodies and how we feel, the medical community is in the midst of a paradigm shift. "This mind/body dichotomy that has informed psychiatry for at least the last 50 years or so, we know that is erroneous and is not based on [...]

Talking About Suicide and Self-Harm in Schools Can Save Lives

Suicide and self-harm remain taboo topics in schools, despite the fact youth suicide has reached a ten year high. Recent statistics show around eight children and young people die by suicide each week in Australia. Around one in ten self-harm during their teenage years. This loss of life means that the topic is too important not to talk about, but [...]

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Want to Rebound from Failure? Feel the Pain

Feeling the pain of failure leads to more effort to correct your mistake than simply thinking about what went wrong, according to a new study. Researchers found that people who just thought about a failure tended to make excuses for why they were unsuccessful and didn't try harder when faced with a similar situation. In contrast, people who focused [...]

Kids Praised for Being Smart are More Likely to Cheat

Kids who are praised for being smart, or who are told they have a reputation for being smart, are more likely to be dishonest and cheat, a pair of studies from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) at the University of Toronto and researchers in the U.S. and China has found. OISE's Jackman [...]

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Scientist Finds Secret to Thriving

What it takes to thrive, rather than merely survive, could be as simple as feeling good about life and yourself and being good at something, according to new research. From a teenager studying for their exams to an employee succeeding at work, thriving can be seen at all ages and across all cultures. Until now [...]

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Does Your Child Have Enough Friends?

Combatting loneliness needs good coaching from parents.   It’s worth asking ourselves as parents whether we should be worried about the number of friends our children have. Increasingly, I hear parents complaining that their child seems isolated, or doesn’t have “real” friends that they spend enough time with. Indeed, a Childtrends report found that up to 30% of teens [...]

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What It’s Like to Support A Sibling With A Mental Illness

Christina’s sister was 28 when she was formally diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, though Christina, who asked that we not use her last name to protect her family’s privacy, says there had been signs of the disorder for years. Beginning in her teens, Christina’s sister, now 30, struggled with eating disorders, self-harm, addiction and suicide [...]

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Alarming Long-Term Effect Of Teen Sleep Deprivation

Teaching kids sleep hygiene may be an easy way to reduce crime. People comparing current crime rates with those of past decades tend to agree that today’s numbers should be lower. And new research points to a relatively easy way to do that: Help teens get more sleep. Researchers found that teens who reported feeling drowsy in [...]

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8 Working Memory Boosters for Kids

Does your child have a hard time keeping one bit of information in mind while he’s doing something else? For example, if he’s helping make spaghetti and the phone rings, does he forget he needs to go back and keep stirring the sauce? If he often has trouble with such tasks, he might have working memory issues. [...]

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High Rates of Teen Self-Harm Raise Concern

One in 10 teenagers surveyed as part of a national study said they had self-harmed and one in 20 reported having attempted suicide. Research has uncovered worrying rates of self harm and suicidal behaviour among Australian teenagers. Data released from The Longitudinal Study of Australian Children shows 10 per cent of 14-15 year-olds reported self [...]

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