Kids, Cash, and Snacks: What Motivates a Healthier Food Choice?

What determines how children decide to spend their cash on snacks? A new study shows that children's experience with money and their liking of brands influenced purchase decisions -- and that for some children, higher prices for unhealthy snacks might motivate healthier choices. The study is published in the journal Appetite. Besides parents, many actors such [...]

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Time For Our Children to Put Down the Devices and Participate in Sport

As too many of our youth spend more and more hours in a zombie-like trance on their video games and electronic devices, parents are beside themselves. Our kids don't want to exercise, let alone do their school work. A phone or computer screen is their best friend as they contact whoever knows who on the [...]

Cartoon Characters On Food Packaging Are Fuelling Australia’s Childhood Obesity Crisis

Cartoon characters on food packaging such as Kellogg's Tony the Tiger and Toucan Sam are fuelling Australia's childhood obesity crisis and should be restricted, public health experts say. Researchers at the Obesity Policy Coalition surveyed 186 packaged foods with cartoon characters designed to lure children, and found 52 per cent were classified as unhealthy, based [...]

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One In Five School-aged Children In NSW Considered Overweight Or Obese

Australians need to reset their understanding of what is a normal weight, with more than one-in-five school aged children in New South Wales now considered overweight or obese, health experts say. New data indicates there is a disconnect within society about what is now considered a 'normal' weight, said Kerry Chant, chief health officer at [...]

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