A Social Enterprise dedicated to protecting and enhancing the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Young People and their Community


The Mental Health and Wellbeing of Young People

We have specifically tailored a program to the needs and challenges of leadership. This program will run parallel to the usual Generation Next event.


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Friday, 19 August 2016
9.00am – 5.00pm


Main Program

This is our flagship Generation Next program, targeted at teachers, counsellors, social workers, nurses and parents.

New topics planned for 2016

  • Teaching Boys Respectful Relationships, Dr Justin Coulson
  • The Power of Play and Humour, Jean-Paul Bell
  • ‘Flying High’ – Australia’s Love Affair with Stimulant, Paul Dillon
  • What 90,000 Young People Can Tell Us About Resilience, Andrew Fuller
  • Digital Citizenship, Greg Gebhart
  • Internet Connected Toys and Play: What You Need to Know, Dr Kate Highfield
  • Understanding Self-harm and How to Support Young People, Dr Claire Kelly
  • Practical Strategies for Schools to Tackle Racism, Dr Naomi Priest
  • Radicalisation and Vulnerable Youth, Dr Kate Barrelle

Leadership Program

This is a specialised program tailored specifically for principals, CEOs and leaders of organisations. The talks will focus on organisational approaches to youth mental health and wellbeing.

  • Radicalisation and Vulnerable Youth – What Do School Leaders Need to Know?, Dr Kate Barrelle
  • Tackling Violence in Schools, Dr Justin Coulson
  • Learning About Resilience From Our Students, Andrew Fuller
  • Teaching Our Connected Kids, Dan Haesler
  • Apps for Engagement – Going Beyond Drill and Practice, Dr Kate Highfield
  • Self-harm: Prevention and Response at the Whole-School Level, Dr Claire Kelly
  • Understanding and Addressing Racism and Identity Based Bullying in Schools, Dr Naomi Priest
  • Gambling and Young People, Dr Wayne Warburton

Introducing the Leadership Program!

We’ve had so many requests from organisational leaders such as principals, managers and CEOs for education specifically tailored to the needs and challenges of leadership that we have decided to run a parallel Leadership Program alongside the usual Generation Next event.

The Leadership Program is different from the Main Program in the following ways:

  1. The lectures are longer, more tailored, specifically for leaders, and will include time for questions and discussion
  2. The sessions will NOT be a repetition of what is in the Main Program
  3. The audience size is smaller than that of the Main Program. Seats will be very limited to encourage a more intimate and interactive learning environment
  4. Speakers are selected for their specific expertise at both frontline and organisational levels
  5. Delegates will receive a separate handbook and other learning materials specific to the Leadership Program

 How it will work

The event will run from 9am to 5pm on the same day. Those who have registered for the Leadership Program will have access to the Main Program however delegates registered for the Main Program will NOT have access to the Leadership Program.


Sydney Town Hall – 483 George St, Sydney

  • Central Sydney is served by a comprehensive and convenient public transport network, ranging from buses and trains to light rail and ferries. Buses and trains travel direct to Sydney Town Hall. To plan your trip please visit Transport Planner
  • No parking facilities are available at the venue however paid parking options are available in the CBD. The two closest car parks are QVB (entry via York St) and St Andrews (entry via Kent St). For a list of car parks available in the CBD visit:  City Car Park Locations
  • Approx. 20 mins drive from the airport

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