Have Computers Really Helped Educational Outcomes?

Pixabay Images Recently a primary school in Brisbane informed its Prep (Foundation) parents that all of its students would be required to have an iPad for school and this would be done at the parent’s expense. Needless to say this raised much discussion and debate. As part of this discussion I found myself [...]

Can Apps Improve Your Mental Wellbeing?

Pixabay Images To the smartphone-addled among us, advising the use of apps to fix mental health problems might seem like telling someone who needs to get fit to live on jam and fags. But it’s happening all the same. While gadget and social media addiction are lampooned for increasing teenage depression, and complaints [...]

Wake Up Rosie Smartphone App Aims to Help Girls Navigate the Internet ‘Junkyard’ Young women are now twice as likely as young men to develop mental illness, according to new research. And those who work to help girls navigate the pitfalls of growing up say the internet and social media are not helping. "We are really looking at the internet as 'it's a junkyard' — [...]

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Researchers Report Biomarkers and Apps that Predict Risk of Suicide

stockphoto People being treated for bipolar disorder and other psychiatric illnesses are at greater risk of attempting suicide, but physicians may now have tools to predict which of those individuals will attempt it and intervene early to prevent such tragedies from occurring. Researchers at Indiana University School of Medicine reported Tuesday in the [...]

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Young People and Apps – What Are They Using Now?!

It is impossible to give you a definitive list of every app you need to be aware of as the list is seemingly endless. What is popular today, becomes oh so yesterday within the space of a month. Some apps are quite OK if used correctly but if used incorrectly cause harm. The best way [...]

Is It Okay to Spy on Your Kids? Privacy, Security and the Teensafe App

A new app allowing parents to look at their children's call history, text messages and internet use will soon launch in Australia. The app, called Teensafe, already claims 1 million users in the US. But Australian police are warning that while the threat to children from online predators is real, spy apps allowing parents to [...]

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Want to Be Appier? 7 Apps to Boost Wellbeing

Stock Photos Teens and their phones are almost inseparable. Most parents and teachers are troubled by this – and rightly so. Excessive or inappropriate device usage is shown to interfere with sleep, relationships, academic difficulties, and physical activity and health. These each influence wellbeing in important and positive ways, so when devices interfere, outcomes are sub-optimal. [...]

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What’s Happening Online?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about some of the places to access advice on helping kids (and/or yourselves) with regard to being online. Last week, the ACMA blog published the latest findings from Roy Morgan Research, providing the latest findings around how Aussie teens are using the internet. Whether or not the findings [...]

Psychiatrist’s view: Yik Yak is most dangerous app I’ve ever seen

Yik Yak can turn a school into a virtual chat room where everyone can post his or her comments, anonymously. Untruthful, mean, character-assassinating short messages are immediately seen by all users in a specific geographic area. - Dr. Keith Ablow via Psychiatrist's view: Yik Yak is most dangerous app I've ever seen | Fox News.