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How Friends And Families Can Help Those Who Are At Risk of Psychosis

When you think of paranormal experiences it often conjures images of ghosts, aliens or witchcraft. But it can also include hearing voices, out-of-body experiences, or even strong spiritual or superstitious beliefs. Such experiences are quite common – 75% of people in Britain have said that they have had one or more paranormal experiences in their [...]

Here’s How Citizen Power Can Drive Mental Health Reform

Citizen panels and juries around the world are having their say about how health funding is prioritised and allocated. It’s time this happened in Australia, particularly when it comes to deciding how best to carve up Australia’s limited resources for tackling mental health. This is because constructively engaging with the community this way is fundamentally [...]

How to Cope with Mental Health Difficulties at University

Moving to university can be a stressful time in itself, and if you also experience mental ill-health, it can be even harder. But there are steps you can take, and help that family and friends can provide, to ensure that you are well-supported at university. - Ruth Hardy via How to cope with mental health difficulties [...]

Why do kids tweet?

Never mind that, why do adults tweet? I’m an avid member of the Twitterati… and I tend to roll my eyes when I hear people dismissing it as nothing more than a window into the narcissistic lives of celebrities.   A recent piece of research by the Youth Affairs Council of Victoria (YACVic) revealed the [...]