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Judgement Call: Maturity, Emotions, And The Teenage Brain

Posted on by Shridevi

Generation after generation, one thing parents can count on is being baffled or confused by their children’s behavior. … Read More »

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Perception of marijuana as a ‘safe drug’ is scientifically inaccurate

Posted on by Dr Ramesh Manocha

The nature of the teenage brain makes users of cannabis amongst this population particularly at risk of developing … Read More »

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How could cannabis alter the teenage brain?

Posted on by Dr Ramesh Manocha

When a teenager smokes cannabis are they permanently damaging their brain and dulling their intellect for a lifetime? … Read More »

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Seven strategies to properly engage the teenage brain

Posted on by Helen Splarn

The latest imaging studies of the teenage brain show that it undergoes huge changes as young people approach … Read More »

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