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From time to time Generation Next runs targeted or broad social media campaigns to raise awareness about mental illness in general or specific conditions as well as maintaining good mental health.

We currently do not have any active campaigns. Information about upcoming campaigns are made available closer to the launch date.

Past Campaigns

Spotlight on Anxiety – Time for a Rethink:

Despite being the most common mental health condition, 1 in 5 Australians still believe people with anxiety ‘put it on’, which suggests that we still have a long way to go in ensuring adequate understanding of the condition and tackling the broader stigma around mental illness. It’s time for a rethink – so to shine a light on the issue, Generation Next ran a series of articles and resources on anxiety to raise awareness, challenge the myths and misperception around the condition and give a voice to people who live with anxiety each day. We also ran a social media campaign on Facebook and Twitter, engaging in conversations, spreading the word to break down the stigma around anxiety and encouraging people to seek help! #RethinkingAnxiety

Spotlight on Anxiety – Time for a Rethink ran from 1st August to 4th September 2016.