Our mission

Generation Next aims to provide education and information about the prevention and management of mental illness in young people to professionals, young people, their families and carers, and the wider community. Our objective is to raise community awareness of mental illness, its prevention and management through increasing mental health literacy, reducing associated stigma and discrimination, and positively influencing individual and community behaviour to improve mental, social and emotional wellbeing outcomes for young people, their families and communities.

To this end, we reach out to young people, their families and carers, professionals who work with them and the wider community to seek solutions to the challenges that mental illness poses to us today both at the individual and societal levels.

Our vision

Our vision is for a society where young people have the tools and knowledge to better look after their mental health, families and communities have greater understanding of how they can prevent mental illness and support those with a condition, and communities are free from the paralysing stigma that has too long surrounded mental illness and prevented individuals from seeking the help they need.

Our approach

Generation Next is a genuine, community focused not-for-profit organisation. All our income is invested back into all our activities aimed at the prevention, early detection and management of mental illness in young people. We achieve this with an extremely small team – a total of two salaried staff! – and the generous support of other organisations. If you’re interested in supporting our work, you can find out more about getting involved here.