Professional Programs

A central aim of Generation Next’s education efforts is to positively impact on the mental health of young people. In 2016, 96% of attendees at the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Young People Seminars felt we achieved this aim, stating that the learning from the day would directly benefit the mental health of young people they work with:

In their own words:

“Excellent presentations, thoroughly enjoyed all the speeches and gained so much knowledge! One of the best conferences I have ever attended!”

“The conference speakers were engaging and stimulating and to be honest I have thought of little else since! It was extremely uplifting to listen to people who love what they do, who are passionate about young people, passionate about their area of expertise, and who are generous enough to share their knowledge, insights and understanding to improve the lives of others. Congratulations to everyone involved, I have been inspired to act!”

“The day was a very valuable one and I know that there will be more teachers from our school attending the next one.”

“On Monday morning, I will have the motivation and inspiration to be able to help ALL of my patients. After today’s session (as after sessions in previous years) I feel like I can use what I have learned to support and inspire people and to model a positive attitude toward mental health and life. Thanks as always for a wonderful day.”

“As a teacher in an SEP unit, one thing I will do differently from Monday is to look at the changes to SEP units where Mental Health is now part of our responsibilities. As such it is essential that we put programs in place for students and provide training for all teachers. I will start with our department. Hopefully, eventually, we will see training for this as a standard part of university courses!”

“The seminar was just fantastic. My brain is still buzzing! Full of ideas and options to incorporate. Thank you Generation Next.”

Student Program & Interactive Livestreams

“Overall I found the day super informative to the point where I believe this course should be compulsory for the senior grades as it truly is a beneficial program.”
(Year 12 Student, Student Program)

“The online survey system was super effective and really got me as a student engaged more as I got the chance to voice my opinion on the topics anonymously.”
(Year 12 Student, Student Program)

“The agenda hit the nail on the head, deals with the issues that are relevant and our school is focusing on. It is very important for students. We want to send more students next year.”
(Deputy Head Senior School, Student Program)

“Amazing. So on topic. Culture-building activities that affect the school environment positively.”
(Dean of Students, Interactive Livestream)

“Please keep running it as I believe it can really help.”
(Year 11 Student, Interactive Livestream)