Sydney – New South Wales Education Standards Authority (6 hours) NESA logo

Generation Next is endorsed to provide NESA Registered Professional Development for teachers accredited at the level of Proficient Teacher.

Scope of Endorsement

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers at the level of Proficient Teacher in Standard 4, and for a number of courses addressing specific standard descriptors.

In 2018, the following courses contribute towards NESA Registered PD addressing particular standard descriptors:

  • 1.1.2 for the course Rewiring Your Brain for Better Mental Health
  • 4.1.2 for the course The Impact of Technology on Education
  • 4.1.2 for the course Choosing Not to Hate
  • 4.2.2 for the course Adolescent Sleep Problems & Solutions
  • 4.3.2 for the course Gambling and Young People
  • 4.3.2 for the course The Rise of eSports
  • 4.4.2 for the course Alcohol and Sexual Assault
  • 4.4.2 for the course Positive Body Image: Developing Understanding and Practical Strategies
  • 4.5.2 for the course Relationships and Porn
  • 4.5.2 for the course Sexting- Just Rude Pictures
  • 4.5.2 for the course Smart Phones
  • 4.5.2 for the course Attention Management
  • 4.5.2 for the course Psychology and Technology
  • 4.5.2 for the course The Four ‘R’s of Online Safety
  • 4.5.2 for the course The 3 P’s Policy, Practice & Photography
  • 4.5.2 for the course Everything May Not be Awesome… Are Smartphones Hurting Our Children?
  • 4.5.2 for the course Beyond Moral Panic: Practical Strategies to Empower Positive Digital Citizenry
  • 4.5.2 for the course Online Rights and Responsibilities- Not So Virtual

Completing the above courses will contribute 6 hours of NESA Registered PD addressing standard descriptors 1.1.2, 4.1.2 , 4.2.2, 4.3.2, 4.4.2 and 4.5.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.