Growing Happy, Healthy Young Minds

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Growing Happy, Healthy Young Minds

Chapter 1 – Helping Young People Get Help for Mental Health Problems by Dr Debra Rickwood. pp 3-16

Chapter 2 – What to do in a Mental Health Crisis by Dr Claire Kelly. pp 17-31

Chapter 3 – Bullying Basics by Sandra Craig. pp 35-52

Chapter 4 – Anxiety in Young People by Professor Jennie Hudson. pp 53- 63

Chapter 5 – Depression in Young People by Dr Bridianne O’Dea and Dr Aliza Werner-Seidler. pp 64-79

Chapter 6 – Understanding Self-harm by Claire Kelly. pp 80-95

Chapter 7 – Suicide and Attempted Suicide by Dr Claire Kelly. pp 96-113

Chapter 8 – Towards Prevention: Understanding Child Sexual Assault by Carol Ronken. pp 114-129

Chapter 9 – Talking About Alcohol and Drugs by Siobhan Lawler, Nicola Newton, Katrina Champion and Lexine Stapinski. pp 133-149

Chapter 10 – Supporting a Young Person in their Decision Not to Use Alcohol or Other Drugs by Paul Dillon. pp 150-165

Chapter 11 – Teens, Parties and Alcohol: A Practical Guide to Keeping Them Safe by Paul Dillon. pp 166-178

Chapter 12 – Understanding Eating Disorders in Young People by Dr Tina Peckmezian, D. Michelle Blanchard & Danielle Cuthbert. pp 181-201

Chapter 13 – Excessive Dieting and Exercise by Amy Burton, Andreea Heriseanu, Brooke Donnelly & Phillip Aouad. pp 202-216

Chapter 14 – Anorexia Nervosa by Brooke Donnelly, Phillip Aouad, Amy Burton & Andreea Heriseanu. pp 217-232

Chapter 15 – Bulimia and Binge Eating by Andreea Heriseanu, Brooke Donnelly, Amy Burton & Phillip Aouad. pp 233-249

Chapter 16 – Bigorexia – Muscle Dysmorphia in Young People by Dr Scott Griffiths. pp. 250-264

Chapter 17 – Fostering a Positive Body Image by Professor Susan Paxton and Dr Sian McLean. pp 265-278

Chapter 18 – What is Resilience and How to do it by Andrew Fuller. pp 281- 291

Chapter 19 – Harnessing the Minecraft Mindset for Success by Dan Haesler. pp 292- 305

Chapter 20 – Using Positive Psychology by Dr Justin Coulson. pp 306-322

Chapter 21 – Food, Mood and Mental Health by Professor Felice Jacka. pp 323-334

Chapter 22 – Understanding the Teenage Brain by Dr Michael Nagel. pp. 335-348

Chapter 23 – Online Time Management by Tena Davies pp. 349-363