Generation Next educates professionals in the education, community and health sectors that work with young people to support the prevention and control of mental illness in young people. We work with teachers, counsellors, nurses, social/youth workers, psychologists, principals – anyone and everyone who is passionate about youth wellbeing! – to raise awareness of mental illness, prevention and early intervention options as well as self-care and management strategies. In doing so, Generation Next increases mental health literacy, reduces the stigma associated with mental illness and positively influences individual and community behaviour for the benefit of young people.

Generation Next achieves this through developing and delivering evidence-based educational programs and resources.

Generation Next believes that affectively tackling mental illness, beyond education, requires keeping up with the latest developments in mental health and emerging conditions. As such, Generation Next provides education on recognised mental illnesses as well as emerging mental health conditions affecting young people as defined in the DSM-V and by expert bodies, both national and international.