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We can’t ignore mental illness prevention in a COVID-19 world

Stephen Carbone, University of Melbourne Despite the incremental easing of Victoria’s restrictions, it’s clear the journey towards COVID-normal is far slower than many people had hoped. Australians – particularly Victorians – have shown remarkable resilience, but many are suffering emotionally. The mental health impacts of COVID-19 During the early days of the pandemic, surveys showed [...]

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Anxious about speaking in online classes and meetings? Here are 7 tips to make it easier

Lesley Irvine, Queensland University of Technology Many parents and students are engaged in a daily routine of speaking to people via a camera on a computer, tablet or phone during COVID-19 restrictions. This often means finding a quiet place in order to ask a question, provide an answer or share an opinion with a virtual [...]

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Young people’s mental health deteriorated the most during the pandemic, study finds

Kathryn Abel, University of Manchester and Matthias Pierce, University of Manchester Public health responses to the pandemic have focused on preventing the spread of the virus, limiting the number of deaths and easing the burden on healthcare systems. But there’s also potentially another, less visible epidemic we should be focusing on: mental illness. Our recent [...]

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Mental health and the coronavirus: How COVID-19 is affecting us

At the height of the COVID-19 restrictions, clinically significant depression and anxiety symptoms were at least two to three times higher than would normally be observed in the community. These and other findings were revealed by the largest nationwide survey of mental health during April and early May 2020, when the strictest lockdown measures were [...]

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5 ways to get mental health help without having to talk on the phone

Aliza Werner-Seidler, UNSW and Sophie H Li, UNSW Access to mental health support has never been more important, as Melburnians are hit with a stage 4 lockdown and much of the rest of Australia braces for a potential second wave of COVID-19. This year, many mental health professionals have moved to providing telehealth services via [...]

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‘No one is truly there to help’: why so little is known about the reasons people go missing

Sarah Wayland, University of Sydney and Lorna Ferguson, Western University As part of new research into missing persons in Australia, I have been asking people who return after disappearing what they needed or wanted. Mary, who has gone missing four times in the last few years, responded, I just wanted someone to ask if I [...]

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Developing resilience is an important tool to help you deal with coronavirus and the surge in cases

Keith M. Bellizzi, University of Connecticut We’re all exhausted and pushed to the limit by months of social distancing, and the recent news that cases are climbing in many states is especially scary. While you may feel like ripping off your mask and heading for a bar, there are more productive ways to deal with [...]

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Autistic doctors – we’re not exactly as portrayed on TV

Nina Louise Purvis, King's College London When I open up about my referral for an autism spectrum disorder assessment, I draw on examples from the only popular reference I have for an autistic doctor – what’s portrayed on TV. You have probably seen these medical dramas – The Good Doctor, House, Grey’s Anatomy. There are [...]

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Are you worried someone you care about is thinking of suicide? Here’s how you can support them from afar

Milena Heinsch, University of Newcastle; Dara Sampson, University of Newcastle, and Frances Kay-Lambkin, University of Newcastle We’ve now been social distancing for several weeks. While these measures have allowed us to slow the spread of COVID-19, they’ve also upended our day-to-day lives. If you’ve found yourself experiencing feelings of fear, anxiety, depression, boredom, anger, frustration [...]

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What actually works for anxiety and depression?

Associate Professor Nicola Reavley and Dr Amy Morgan  The COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed devastating effects on people and communities, with more than 10 million cases and more than half a million deaths globally. In addition to the health impacts, the United Nations has warned of a major mental health crisis worldwide as a result of [...]

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