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Why we need to focus more on the needs of children in domestic and family violence responses

In 2015, domestic and family violence (DFV) was declared a "national emergency" in Australia, with its impact on women and children costing the country an estimated A$22 billion each year. In 2019, the short and long-term consequences of childhood trauma, including DFV, were estimated to cost the Australian economy A$34 billion each year. While children may witness [...]

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Are the kids alright? Social isolation can take a toll, but play can help

Pasi Sahlberg, UNSW and Sharon Goldfeld, Murdoch Children's Research Institute Many parents are worried the disruptions of COVID lockdowns and school closures may affect their children’s mental health and development. In the Royal Children’s Hospital’s National Child Health Poll in June 2020, more than one-third of parents reported the pandemic has had negative consequences on [...]

2 hours of TV a day in late childhood linked to lower test scores later

Lisa Mundy, Murdoch Children's Research Institute and George Patton, University of Melbourne Children aged 8 and 9 who watched more than two hours of TV a day or spent more than one hour a day on a computer had lower scores than their peers on reading and numeracy at ages 10 and 11, our study [...]

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11 tips for making friends through a confident mindset and social emotional intelligence

Helping young people make friends through primary, middle, high school and beyond by building a confident mindset and social emotional intelligence From Madhavi Nawana Parker’s book, ‘The Confident Minds Curriculum: Creating a Culture of Personal Growth and Social Awareness.' Entering primary and middle school is always a big transition. Making friends and fitting in is [...]

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Re-setting friendships: What parents need to know about the return to school

Young people returning to school haven't just had their education disrupted but their whole lives, including their social lives. We've seen the issues caused by school closures, and reopening is bound to cause many more. Kids will not be returning to school as they left it, many will still be dealing with emotions caused by [...]

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Understanding emotions is nearly as important as IQ for students’ academic success

The ability to understand emotions contributes almost as much to students’ grades as their IQ. Past studies show two personal qualities are important for student academic success – intelligence and conscientiousness. IQ scores explain about 15% of the differences between students’ grades. Conscientiousness, such as having the diligence to do enough study, explains about 5%. [...]

5 ways to build a confident mindset in young people

How you think, effects how you feel which in turn leads how you behave. Developing a confident mindset where your thinking is constructive and hopeful, places you at an advantage in your childhood and right through to adulthood. Confident thinking and good social emotional literacy skills are crucial and provide the unwritten rules of getting [...]

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