Children and screens – making it through the holidays

By Catherine Draper, University of the Witwatersrand It comes as no surprise that children are spending more time watching screens as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Parents and caregivers in many parts of the world – including South Africa, where I have done research on children’s healthy behaviours – have had a hard time [...]

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Data protection is a mental health issue for young people

By Dr Piers Gooding, Dr Rys Farthing and Emily Painter  In 2018, a Melbourne high school mistakenly released the personal digital records of hundreds of students. Among the records were details of students’ “mental health conditions, medications, learning and behavioural difficulties”. This was bad enough but globally breaches of privacy like this can be much [...]

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Studies suggest no causal link between young children’s screen time and later symptoms of inattention and hyperactivity

By Maria Corkin, University of Auckland The possibility that screen time during early childhood could cause poorer attention later in a child’s life is a major concern for both parents and researchers. Earlier studies have suggested links between preschoolers’ screen time and difficulties with attention. But there is by no means consensus among the research [...]

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Children live online more than ever – we need better definitions of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ screen time

By Kathryn MacCallum, University of Canterbury and Cheryl Brown, University of Canterbury  The pandemic has fundamentally altered every part of our lives, not least the time we spend on digital devices. For young people in particular, the blurred line between recreational and educational screen time presents new challenges we are only beginning to appreciate. Even [...]

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Let there be light – but make sure it’s the natural, healthy kind

“This is just the beginning,” says Associate Professor Sean Cain. He’s talking about a small light sensor device – in prototype – that he believes could revolutionise the mysterious science of sleep, and its effect on the human mind and body. The Monash University “circadian biologist” specifically examines how different kinds of light affect our [...]

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Child’s play in the time of COVID: screen games are still ‘real’ play

Jane Mavoa, University of Melbourne and Marcus Carter, University of Sydney Play is a core part of a healthy childhood, through which children develop social, communication, cognitive and physical skills. Children’s play adapts to its circumstances. Recently children have been incorporating pandemic related themes into their play, such as coronavirus tag, where the point is [...]

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Too much screen time hinders brain development in preschoolers

It's fairly settled by now that too much screen time isn't good for kids, but for specifics we have to turn to science. A new study from researchers at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center may have filled in some of the blanks, finding that preschool-aged children had lower levels of white matter in their [...]

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