Edtech is treating students like products. Here’s how we can protect children’s digital rights

Tiffani Apps, Karley Beckman and Sarah K. Howard, University of Wollongong Schools’ use of educational technologies (edtech) grew exponentially at the height of COVID lockdowns. A recent Human Rights Watch (HRW) report has exposed children’s rights violations by providers of edtech endorsed by governments in Australia and overseas. The lockdowns have ended but edtech remains embedded [...]

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Kids on the autism spectrum experience more bullying. Schools can do something about it

P. Daniel Lin and Valsamma Eapen, UNSW Sydney Children diagnosed with neurodevelopmental disorders, such as autism, experience various types of challenges at school. This might be due to communication, and also relationships with other children. Accumulating evidence indicates autistic children are more likely to be bullied. We’ve just published a study which observed autism is the [...]

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Child sex offenders preying on Australian boys for money

The Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation (ACCCE) is warning that Australia is seeing a global trend in the crime of sexual extortion, with a spike in the number of Australian boys being preyed on by international sex offenders, who are grooming them into producing explicit images and then extorting them for money. The ACCCE [...]

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Nurturing nature in schools for enhanced learning

Ms Krystyna Gilowska, Professor Dianne Vella-Brodrick and Story Producer: Nerissa HanninkThe fast pace of modern urban living can be mentally and physically draining. Add the strains of a pandemic, and these challenges can multiply. Imagine being a school student and having to focus on learning and studying during this time. Being an attentive student can [...]

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‘It’s almost like a second home’: why students want schools to do more about mental health

Christine Grové, Monash University and Alexandra Marinucci, Monash University Psychological distress is on the rise among young people in Australia. The implications of COVID-19 and the strain on the training and availability of psychologists are likely to add to the mental health challenges and hinder young people’s ability to get help. Social isolation, loneliness and [...]

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Leveraging the digital era for fitter, healthier, happier children

PhD Candidate Diana Zhu, Senior Lecturer Zoe Davidson and Associate Professor Simone Gibson, Monash University Overweight and obesity is the second-largest contributor to Australia’s disease burden and health costs, including significantly driving Australia’s high-cost diseases (for example, musculoskeletal disorders, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancers). It’s estimated to cost the Australian economy $11.8 billion, and if obesity rates continue to [...]

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Attending school every day counts – but kids in out-of-home care are missing out

Consistent school attendance is important in any child’s education but for many children in out-of-home care, going to school every day is no easy thing. There are three main types of out-of-home care in Australia: relative (or kinship) care, foster care, and residential care (small group homes). Children and young people who are unable to [...]

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Uncovering the triggers of severe COVID-19 in kids

Conor McCafferty and Professor Vera Ignjatovic In most cases, children are largely protected from severe COVID-19. They have fewer symptoms, less severe disease and tend to recover more quickly than adults. Only 1.7 per cent of children will be hospitalised for COVID-19 – most will have mild or no symptoms. For previously unknown reasons, a [...]

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‘I always have trouble with forms’: homeless people on how poor literacy affects them – and what would help

Benjamin Hanckel, Western Sydney University; Alan Morris, University of Technology Sydney, and Keiko Yasukawa, University of Technology Sydney Homelessness remains a huge problem in Australia and an important contributing factor is low literacy levels. We interviewed 23 people who were homeless or had experienced homelessness to find out how they viewed literacy and participation in [...]

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‘I just go to school with no food’ – why Australia must tackle child poverty to improve educational outcomes

Gerry Redmond, Flinders University About one in six children in Australia live in poverty. These children generally have poorer educational outcomes than more advantaged children. Our recently published research shows students who live in poverty also experience more social exclusion at school than their more advantaged peers. These findings suggests disadvantage at home carries over [...]

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