Scaling up efforts to tackle male self-harm

Dr Zac Seidler and Professor Jane Pirkis“It’s great to get my feelings out there and it’s good to have someone listen sure… but it doesn’t really help you day to day, doesn’t help you change your lifestyle patterns… the next day you sort of go, ‘what am I actually supposed to be doing?’” This is [...]

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Inside the ‘man box’: how rigid ideas of ‘manning up’ harm young men and those around them

Michael Flood, Queensland University of Technology Among men in Australia, why do some use violence? Why do other men drink to excess and feel hopeless or suicidal, while many men do not? A national survey of Australian men aged 18 to 30, completed by The Men’s Project at Jesuit Social Services with funding from VicHealth, [...]

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Mate, we need to talk about mental health and masculinity

The significance of Men’s Health Week is now well-established. There's a growing awareness of men’s unequal propensity towards elevated rates of particular illnesses and diseases. Indeed, we've seen in recent months that men are more likely to die after contracting COVID-19, and scientists are doing important work to explore the implication of androgens in COVID‐19 [...]

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Boxing: can the sport really help turn young men away from violent crime?

Boxing is often praised as a way of teaching discipline, anger management and teamwork. Now, with violent crime on the rise in English cities – especially among young men and boys – the sport is being used to support those at risk of being drawn into knife crime and gang activity. For instance, Channel 4 [...]

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