Join Andrew Fuller and guest Dr Michael Nagel talk on the neuroscience behind educating and raising young boys.

  • Improving learning approaches for boys
  • Should schools be organising classes based on development rather than chronological age?
  • The importance of kindness and good role models

Listen now below:

Host: Andrew Fuller, Clinical Psychologist and Family Therapist, Speaker and Founder of My Learning Strengths

Guest: Dr Michael Nagel, Researcher and Author; Educator, University of Sunshine Coast

Total time: 17 mins

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Oh Boy! – A Book by Dr Michael Nagel

Dr Michael C. Nagel gives us a guided tour of a boys’ brain, and explains how differences in structure and neurochemistry impact their behaviour, learning, emotions and bodies. Exploring aggression, learning difficulties, behaviour, emotional problems, toxic masculinity and the challenges of technology, Dr Nagel offers solutions and ideas for parents and teachers.

Find out more at: