The importance of understanding Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Join Andrew Fuller as he chats with guest Dr Chris Wever on understanding ADHD in children The prevalence of ADHD in Australia and the importance of diagnosis Diagnosing ADHD, its effect on children, and treatment options Strategies and resources for parents, teachers and those who support children and adolescents with ADHD Listen now below: [...]

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Anxiety, depression and suicide prevention

Andrew Fuller and guest Clinical A/Prof David Horgan on helping young people deal with resistant depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts How to ask about stress, anxiety, depression and emotional pain How to ask about suicidal thinking in young people Mindset and thinking differences in developmental stages of life Online tools and resources Listen now [...]

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Double trouble: How severe lockdown restrictions have taken a toll on population mental health

This article is based on research carried out by Jane Fisher, Karin Hammarberg, Maggie Kirkman, Thach Tran, Heather Rowe, Jayagowri Sastry, Ruby Stocker, Hau Nguyen, and Sally Popplestone, on behalf of the Monash COVID-19 Mental Health Research Group, Global and Women’s Health Unit, School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine. As millions of Australians adapt [...]

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Youth anxiety and depression are at record levels. Mental health hubs could be the answer

Christine Grové, Monash University The COVID pandemic has shone a light on the ongoing decline in young people’s mental health. Psychologists have warned if we don’t start to address the mental health emergency of young people’s anxiety and depression, it may become a “trans-generational disaster”. Paediatricians have said they are seeing growing numbers of young [...]

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COVID’s mental health fallout will last a long time. Here’s how we’re targeting pandemic depression and anxiety

Richard Bryant, UNSW Although Australia is now largely COVID-free, the repercussions of the pandemic are ongoing. As the pandemic enters its second year, many people will be continuing to suffer with poor mental health, or facing new mental health challenges. The effects of recurrent lockdowns, fears about the effectiveness of the vaccines, restricted movement within [...]

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What actually works for anxiety and depression?

Associate Professor Nicola Reavley and Dr Amy Morgan  The COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed devastating effects on people and communities, with more than 10 million cases and more than half a million deaths globally. In addition to the health impacts, the United Nations has warned of a major mental health crisis worldwide as a result of [...]

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Overall time on social media not related to teen anxiety and depression, study finds

The argument has raged back and forth in recent years on the presence and nature of a link between youth social media use and mental health outcomes. In an eight-year longitudinal study recently conducted by Brigham Young University, one finding stood out: the sheer amount of time spent using social media did not correlate to [...]

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Depression: it’s a word we use a lot, but what exactly is it?

Depression is a serious disorder marked by disturbances in mood, cognition, physiology and social functioning. People can experience deep sadness and feelings of hopelessness, sorrow, emptiness and despair. These core features of depression have expanded to include an inability to experience pleasure, sluggish movements, changes in sleep and eating behaviour, difficulty concentrating and suicidal thoughts. [...]