The Promotion of Resilience and the Demise of Anti-Bullyism

Social trends do not move in straight lines. They are somewhat like pendulums; when they go too far in one direction, gravity pulls them back in the other. The reverse swing has been bound to occur with antibullyism (which I consider a more fitting term for the “anti-bullying movement”). I see it already beginning and [...]

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Cyber-bullying Campaign Launched After Suicide of Amy ‘Dolly’ Everett

A 14-year-old girl from a well-known Northern Territory cattle family who took her own life last week has been remembered by her family as a "kind, caring and beautiful soul" as they launched a social media campaign to raise awareness of bullying and harassment. The family of Amy "Dolly" Everett, who was once the face [...]

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Are Teachers Getting Bullied?

Research and discussions with teachers – at both the elementary and high school level – suggests that teachers are easy targets for bullies, that the bullying of teachers is on the rise, and that the bullying is coming from several sources. Students as Bullies. Some experts argue that student bullying of teachers is reaching epidemic proportions. [...]

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Kids That Hate

Today I walked my five-year-old daughter to her kinder class, with her little brother on my hip. My son who is two and a half has bright red hair and beautiful sky-blue eyes. When I am on semester break obviously he doesn’t attend daycare so I sometimes get the chance to take him with us [...]

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Youngtown Primary School Gets a Lesson in Resilience

Teachers, parents and students at Youngtown Primary School had a lesson in resilience this week in an effort to improve student relationships, learning capabilities and well-being. Educational consultant, John Hendry OAM from Geelong Grammer, conducted sessions focused on forgiveness, hope, integrity, compassion and trust, to help the school develop their strategy towards empowerment measures. On Thursday Mr [...]

Teenagers Engaging In ‘Digital Self-Harm’

In past decades, teenagers struggling to deal with their emotions might have coped by taking a razor blade to their forearm or extinguishing cigarettes on their skin. Today’s teens, products of the internet era, have found an additional outlet. Approximately 6% of adolescents between 12 and 17 years old engage in a practice known as [...]

Aggression, Shame, Winning At All Costs: The Real Values We’re Teaching Kids Through Sport

Without a doubt, this time of year is all about winning. Thanks to the last few weeks of finals fever, the media has been full of tales about underdogs triumphing and boys from the wrong side of the tracksmaking good because of the saving grace of sport. The football grand finals are one thing, but should we be concerned [...]

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Does Your Child Have Enough Friends?

Combatting loneliness needs good coaching from parents.   It’s worth asking ourselves as parents whether we should be worried about the number of friends our children have. Increasingly, I hear parents complaining that their child seems isolated, or doesn’t have “real” friends that they spend enough time with. Indeed, a Childtrends report found that up to 30% of teens [...]

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‘Traditional’ Bullying Still Far Outstrips Online Abuse Among Teens

“Traditional” bullying like name-calling and exclusion still far outstrips cyber-bullying among teens - despite the huge popularity of social media, researchers have claimed. A study published in the Lancet Child and Adolescent Health journal found that only 1% are victims of just cyber-bullying, compared to 27% who are just abused in person.  Instead, experts say that it [...]

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How to Talk to Kids About Racism

Have you talked to your kids about race and racism? Maybe you think they’re still too young or that a specific conversation isn’t really necessary? They’re never too young, and an ongoing dialogue about race and racism is a really good idea, says Rachel Berman, graduate program director of the School of Early Childhood Studies [...]

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