Speakers and facilitators at our 2018 seminars and programs include:

Melissa Abu Gazaleh

Dr Alex Blaszczynski

Professorial Research Fellow & Director, Gambling Treatment and Research Clinic

Dr. Alex Blaszczynski is a Professorial Research Fellow and Director of the University of Sydney’s Gambling Treatment and Research Clinic. He has thirty years experience in studying the psychology of gambling behaviours and gambling disorders. He has published in excess of 200 peer-reviewed articles, authored or co-authored 8 books and 17 book chapters, and received external research funding, direct and in-direct research contributions, private consulting fees, accepted hospitality and reimbursement of expenses from organisations from the gambling industry, government organisations, organisations funded directly or through taxation or a levy on the gambling industry, and non-government organisations.

He is the editor-in-chief of International Gambling Studies.

Jean-Paul Bell

Jocelyn Brewer


Jocelyn Brewer is a Sydney-based registered psychologist with a special interest in the psychology of technology. She has over 13 years experience in public education as both a high school social sciences teacher and school counsellor/psychologist. She also has experience as an independent theatre producer and in social media strategy.

Jean-Paul Bell

Alpha Cheng

Advocate for Social Cohesion; 2017 ACT Young Australian of the Year Nominee

After suffering the profound loss of his father at the hands of an extremist, Alpha Cheng has turned his tragedy into a call for Australians to unite rather than be divided by hate. Alpha actively encourages acceptance and tolerance, and has spoken out against people who would use his father’s death to justify their opposition to Muslim immigration. A passionate Humanities teacher in a Canberra high school, Alpha is committed to imparting fairness and equality to all his students.

Jean-Paul Bell

Dr Justin Coulson

Parenting, Wellbeing, and Positive Psychology Expert, justincoulson.com and happyfamilies.com.au

Justin is an honorary fellow at the Centre for Positive Psychology at the University of Melbourne’s Graduate School or Education and a senior associate at the Positive Psychology Institute. He has acted (and continues to act) in an advisory capacity to well-known organisations including Beyond Blue, the Australian Government’s Raising Children Network, and the Office of the Children’s e-Safety Commissioner, Life Education, Intel Security, and the Alannah and Madeline Foundation.

In addition, Justin is consistently sought after by the media for his expertise. He writes a weekly parenting advice column for Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, appears regularly on The Project, The TODAY Show, Studio 10, Mornings, and a large number of radio stations around the nation, and he is the parenting expert at kidspot.com.au – Australia’s #1 parenting website.

Paul Dillon

Paul Dillon

Educator, Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia

Paul Dillon has been working in the area of drug education for the past 25 years and continues to work with young people and their families across the country. He has been contracted by many agencies and organisations to give regular updates on current drug trends within the community. He has recently published a book ‘Teenagers, Alcohol and Drugs’, released nationally in February 2009. Paul is regarded as a key social commentator in Australia, and has appeared on a wide range of television programs including Sunrise, Today and A Current Affair discussing topical issues.

See http://darta.net.au and http://doingdrugs-darta.blogspot.com.au »

James Driver

James Driver

Psychotherapist and Founder, NetAddiction NZ

James Driver is a psychotherapist working both in private practice and with the Salvation Army’s drug and alcohol addiction service.  He has a particular interest in gaming addictions, stemming from his own experience of being addicted to gaming as a teenager.
James has researched the experiences of people with gaming addiction who have received treatment for the problem, and provides clinical training around working with this client group.  He is the founder of NetAddiction NZ, a resource site for people wanting to understand or overcome gaming addiction.

See http://www.netaddiction.co.nz »

Andrew Fuller

Andrew Fuller

Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychologist, Inyahead

Andrew has recently been described as an ‘interesting mixture of Billy Connolly, Tim Winton and Frasier Crane’ and as someone who ‘puts the heart back into psychology’. As a clinical psychologist, Andrew Fuller works with many schools and communities in Australia and internationally, specialising in the wellbeing of young people and their families. He is a Fellow of the Department of Psychiatry and the Department of Learning and Educational Development at the University of Melbourne. Andrew has recently been the scientific consultant for the ABC on a 5 episode series called Whatever: the science of the teenage brain. He has also been a principal consultant to the national drug prevention strategy REDI, the ABC on children¹s television shows, is an Ambassador for Mind Matters and is a member of the National Coalition Against Bullying. Andrew is author of the best selling Life: A Guide, Tricky Kids and Tricky People and the Brain Based e-manual.

See http://andrewfuller.com.au »

Andrew Fuller

Dr Sally Gainsbury

Senior Lecturer, School of Psychology; Deputy Director, Gambling Treatment and Research Clinic

Dr. Sally Gainsbury, PhD, Doctor.ClinPsych, BPsych(Hons), has over 10 years’ experience conducting research on the topics of youth gambling, addiction, and new technology with the aim to inform policies to reduce harm. She is Deputy Director of the University of Sydney Gambling Treatment and Research Clinic and Senior Lecturer within the School of Psychology. Dr. Gainsbury holds an Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Research Award to understand the role of the online environment and social cues on online risk taking. She has over 90 peer-review publications, given over 60 keynote and invited conference presentations internationally, written 2 books, and won numerous awards including Southern Cross University Vice Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Research for Early to Mid-Career Researchers (2015), and an Australian Psychological Society Early Career Researcher Award (2014). She was voted as one of the 25 people to watch in 2018 by Global Gaming Business Magazine. Dr. Gainsbury is often invited to provide expertise to guide the development government and industry policies and practices to reduce gambling harms. She is the Editor of the academic journal International Gambling Studies.

 Greg Gebhart

Greg Gebhart

Senior Education Trainer, Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner

Greg Gebhart is the senior education trainer for the office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner. Greg is one of Australia’s leading experts on cybersafety and has provided presentations to more than 300,000 students, teachers and parents. Greg is wildly recognised for his passion for education technology and cybersafety and has been awarded several national and international awards.

See https://www.esafety.gov.au »

 Greg Gebhart

Dr Kristy Goodwin

Digital Wellness Expert; Researcher and Honorary Associate, Institute of Early Childhood, Macquarie University

Dr Kristy Goodwin is a highly sought after expert on the impact of technology on young children’s health, learning and development (and also a mum!). Kristy’s a speaker, author, workshop facilitator, researcher and consultant who delivers evidence-based information about the impact of digital technologies on young children’s health, wellbeing and development.

Along with being an Honorary Associate at Macquarie University at the Institute of Early Childhood, Kristy has worked as a primary school and early childhood teacher for thirteen years in a range of educational settings in Australia and Asia.

 Greg Gebhart

Dr Kate Highfield

Teacher and Researcher, Swinburne University of Technology

Kate Highfield is an experienced teacher and researcher with an interest in how technology impacts on learning, pedagogy and play. Prior to moving to Swinburne University of Technology, Kate spent over a decade working as a classroom teacher and then ten years working as a lecturer at Macquarie University in the Institute of Early Childhood and as a research fellow at RIPPLE (Research Institute for Professional Practice, Learning and Education).

Kate researches the impact of technology as a tool with young children, parents and educators. Kate’s current research focuses on the use of technology in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM), with a focus on touch technologies and tech-toys, including Interactive Screens, Tablets, iPads, robotics, smart toys and smartphones.

Brett Lee

Brett Lee

Founder, iNESS

Internet Safe Education creator, Brett Lee, worked as a Queensland Police Officer for 22 years, 16 of those as a Detective in the field of Child Exploitation. In the 5 years prior to his retirement from the QPS, he was a specialist in the field of undercover internet child exploitation investigations. Brett has been personally involved in the online investigation, arrest and prosecution of numerous offenders whose medium for preying on children is the internet.
During his time in the Qld Police Service, Brett delivered lectures to numerous school students, teacher and parent groups at both State and non-government schools on all issues relating to internet safety.  This inspired a passion to impart his expert knowledge to as many children and young adults as possible to ensure they remain safe online.
Brett has received the Queensland Police Commissioner’s Gold Award and the Crime and Misconduct Commissioner’s Award for his role in the development and implementation of software that is now utilised by various Australian Law enforcement agencies to track and identify online child offenders.

See: http://www.internetsafeeducation.com/ »

Brett Lee

Susan McLean

Cybersafety Expert

Susan is Australia’s leading expert in the area of cyber safety and was a member of Victoria Police for 27years. She was the first Victorian Police officer appointed to a position involving cybersafety and young people. She has completed advanced training in the USA in 2007, 2012 & 2015 including the Protecting Children Online Certificate from Fox Valley Technical College and has successfully completed the ‘University Certificate in Child Safety on the Internet’ from the University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom. She also has qualifications from Netsmartz/NCMEC (USA) and NSPCC/CEOP (UK).

She works closely with the main social media sites and is listed on the newly launched Facebook safety resource centre as a trusted expert in the field. Susan is a published author, her book Sexts Texts and Selfies (Penguin) is a definitive online safety resource for all those who work with young people.

Associate Professor Michael Nagel

Researcher and Author, University of Sunshine Coast

Dr Michael Nagel is an Associate Professor in the School of Education at the University of the Sunshine Coast where he teaches and researches in the areas of cognition, human development, behaviour and learning.  He is the author of ten books on child development and learning used by teachers and parents in over twenty countries. Dr Nagel has delivered over 300 workshops and seminars for parents and teachers nationally and internationally.  Nominated as Australian Lecturer of the Year each year since 2010, Dr Nagel has been a guest on ‘TV New Zealand Breakfast’, ‘Sunrise’, ‘A Current Affair’ and ‘The Project’, is a member of the prestigious International Neuropsychological Society, is the Queensland Director of the Australian Council on Children and the Media, sits on a number of education boards and committees and is a feature writer for ‘Jigsaw’ and the ‘Child’ series of magazines which collectively offers parenting advice to more than one million Australian readers.

See http://michaelnagel.com.au/ »

Bee Orsini

Prof Susan J Paxton

Psychologist; Past President, Australian and New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders (ANZAED); Board Member, The Butterfly Foundation

Susan is an Emeritus Professor in the School of Psychology and Public Health, La Trobe University with particular expertise in body image, disordered eating and weight-related problems. Her research focus has been on understanding risk factors for the development of body image and eating problems and the development and evaluation of prevention and therapy interventions based on understanding of risk and maintaining factors. She is a Director of the Butterfly Foundation and past President of the international Academy for Eating Disorders and the Australian and New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders.

Collett Smart

Dr Chris Seton

Paediatric and Adolescent Sleep Physician; Staff Specialist, Sleep Investigation Unit and Respiratory Support Service, Westmead Children’s Hospital

Dr Chris Seton helped establish Australia’s first Paediatric Sleep Investigation Unit at Children’s Hospital Camperdown (now Children’s Hospital Westmead) in 1990 & has worked as a Staff Specialist since that time.

In 2000 Chris established & is director of Australia’s first Private Paediatric Sleep Unit at the SAN Hospital in Wahroonga.

In 2013 Chris developed SleepShack, the world’s first online sleep diagnostic & treatment program for teens & pre-teens with Insomnia & Sleep Insufficiency.(sleepshack.com.au)

Chris also consults in Paediatric Sleep Practice at St Vincent’s Hospital Darlinghurst and at The Hornsby Diagnostic Sleep Practice in Northern Sydney.

In 2014 Chris established Australia’s first Multidisciplinary Paediatric Sleep Clinic at The Woolcock Institute of Medical Research at Sydney University (woolcock.org.au)

Chris diagnoses and treats all childhood & adolescent sleep disorders. His particular interests include Narcolepsy, Adolescent sleep problems, and the impact of poor sleep on learning.

Lisa McAdams

Expert on domestic violence strategies and solutions, author, speaker and trainer

Lisa educates organisation to understand sexual harassment and assault. to help increase awareness, decrease the number of incidents and bring knowledge on the impact for the victim and group as a whole.

Lisa is passionate about education around this issue because she believes everyone has the right to be free from intimidation and fear and feel safe at home, work, school or community group.

Wayne Warburton

Dr Wayne Warburton

Psychologist, Senior Lecturer and Deputy Director, The Children and Families Research Centre, Macquarie University

Dr Wayne Warburton is a Senior Lecturer in developmental psychology and Deputy Director of the Children and Families Research Centre at Macquarie University. Wayne is also a registered psychologist and has a strong research interest in the fields of aggressive behaviour, media psychology and parenting. He has a number of publications in scientific journals and books, primarily on topics around aggressive behaviour and the impact of violent and pro-social media. He is co-author of the International Society for Research on Aggression Statement on Media Violence, the Society for Psychological Study of Social Issues Research Summary on Media Violence, and the world experts’ Statement on Violent Video Game Violence in the ‘Gruel Amicus Curiae Brief’ for the US Supreme Court case of California vs. Entertainment Merchants. His most recent book, Growing Up Fast and Furious: Reviewing the Impacts of Violent and Sexualised Media on Children (with Danya Braunstein) is available from The Federation Press.