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To safeguard children’s mental health during COVID-19, parents must look after their own

Sarah Whittle, University of Melbourne and Kate Bray, University of Melbourne The negative mental health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are clear, but there is particular concern children will be most affected in the long run. By the end of March school closures were impacting 91% of the world’s student population and are still affecting [...]

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Anxious about speaking in online classes and meetings? Here are 7 tips to make it easier

Lesley Irvine, Queensland University of Technology Many parents and students are engaged in a daily routine of speaking to people via a camera on a computer, tablet or phone during COVID-19 restrictions. This often means finding a quiet place in order to ask a question, provide an answer or share an opinion with a virtual [...]

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‘Lit therapy’ in the classroom: writing about trauma can be valuable, if done right

Yannick Thoraval, RMIT University Some of my students have been assaulted. Others have been homeless, jobless or broke, some suffer from depression, anxiety or grief. Some fight addiction, cancer or for custody. Many are in pain and they want to write about it. Opening wounds in the classroom is messy and risky. Boundaries and intentions [...]

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Inside the ‘man box’: how rigid ideas of ‘manning up’ harm young men and those around them

Michael Flood, Queensland University of Technology Among men in Australia, why do some use violence? Why do other men drink to excess and feel hopeless or suicidal, while many men do not? A national survey of Australian men aged 18 to 30, completed by The Men’s Project at Jesuit Social Services with funding from VicHealth, [...]

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More women seeking late-night help through online chat as COVID lockdown triggers past trauma

Victoria is in the grip of its most severe lockdown since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, limiting more than ever the opportunities for victims of family violence to seek help. It's essential to closely monitor how the pandemic has exacerbated experiences of family violence, and how the restrictions are affecting people’s ability to seek help. [...]

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Young people’s mental health deteriorated the most during the pandemic, study finds

Kathryn Abel, University of Manchester and Matthias Pierce, University of Manchester Public health responses to the pandemic have focused on preventing the spread of the virus, limiting the number of deaths and easing the burden on healthcare systems. But there’s also potentially another, less visible epidemic we should be focusing on: mental illness. Our recent [...]

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Catchy public health messaging is what young people need at the moment

A principal in the USA has gone viral with a parody of MC Hammer's classic hit of "U Can't Touch This." Catchy public health messaging is what young people need at the moment  and this rap song about COVID from Dr Quentin J. Lee from Alabama provides just that. A resource like this one is [...]

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The emotional toll of COVID-19 among early childhood educators

Despite school closures (re)occurring around the world as a way to slow the spread of COVID-19, early childhood education and care (ECEC) providers in Australia have been encouraged to keep their doors open since the start of the crisis. While it was initially suggested there was evidence to suggest that young children were less likely to catch [...]

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Get a proper chair, don’t eat at your desk, and no phones in the loo – how to keep your home workspace safe and hygienic

Libby Sander, Bond University; Lotti Tajouri, Bond University, and Rashed Alghafri, Bond University The onset of COVID-19 saw a dramatic shift, with many in the workforce suddenly finding themselves working from home. As hashtags sprung up on social media documenting makeshift work-from-home setups, it rapidly became evident that for many workers, their new improvised workspace [...]

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Your coping and resilience strategies might need to shift as the COVID-19 crisis continues

Craig Polizzi, Binghamton University, State University of New York and Steven Jay Lynn, Binghamton University, State University of New York As people in the U.S. mark six months of coronavirus, the challenges of coping with life during a pandemic continue to evolve. Most recently, reopening of parts of society under unsettled conditions and lingering threat [...]

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