The GN Podcast with Andrew Fuller: Current Trends in Substance Use Among Young People

In this episode: The effects of 2020 on young people Emerging new trends in substance use/abuse: Vaping, 'nanging', cannabis and more Implications for schools and communities How to help young people Host: Andrew Fuller, Clinical psychologist and family therapist, speaker and creator of Learning Strengths Guest: Paul Dillon, Founder of Drug and Alcohol Research [...]

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The protein with the potential to rewire the alcohol-addicted brain

During FebFast (no alcohol all this month, raising money for charity), it’s sobering to realise that one in six Australians drink enough booze to put them at lifetime risk of alcohol-related disease. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) also has data showing a quarter of the population aged more than 14 drink at a [...]

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Can’t remember last night? 48% of drinkers have had a blackout by age 19

Wing See Yuen, UNSW and Amy Peacock, UNSW Alcohol-related blackouts aren’t good for anybody’s health, but they are particularly dangerous for young people. Our recent research found blackouts are common once young people start drinking. At age 14, nearly one in ten adolescents who drank alcohol in the past year had a blackout. By age [...]

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Forget the stereotypes. Our survey shows many young people are drinking less alcohol in lockdown

Monica Barratt, RMIT University; Adam Winstock, UCL, and Jason Ferris, The University of Queensland Lockdown and other public health measures to halt the spread of COVID-19 haven’t driven us all to drink (and other drugs), as many news stories would have us believe. Our Global Drug Survey released today, which includes replies from more than [...]

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Pot, pills and the pandemic: how coronavirus is changing the way we use drugs

Amy Peacock, UNSW and Rachel Sutherland, UNSW There’s no question COVID-19 has changed many aspects of our lives. As drug researchers, we are interested in how the pandemic has affected illicit drug use in Australia. Our two new surveys of Australians who regularly use illicit drugs show people most commonly reported no change or a [...]

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Pill testing trial backed by independent review

A pill testing trial run earlier this year at Groovin the Moo Canberra has now been endorsed by an independent review conducted by researchers from Australian National University. The critical finding of the report is that in all seven instances of dangerous drugs being detected, the owners threw away the drug. The researchers also found [...]

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Parents of teens, here’s what you really need to know about MDMA

We all want to reduce drug-related harm and ensure young people don’t take unnecessary risks. But decades of research shows fear isn’t an effective way to do this. This week, Newscorp Australia released The Ripple Effect, a series of articles and accompanying videos about party drugs, aimed at parents of young people. Rather than drawing [...]

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Andrew Fuller: 10 reasons why your teen shouldn’t drink

It's difficult to not drink in Australia, and if anything, it's even harder for teens. Adolescence is a time of desperately wanting to fit in and be accepted, and many teens see drinking as one of the easiest ways to achieve this. On the other hand, parents (and other adults responsible for teens) are generally [...]

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‘My friends are taking MDMA at raves and music festivals. Is it safe?’

My friends are taking ecstasy at raves and music festivals. Is it safe? — Anonymous Key points no drug use, including ecstasy, is 100% safe festivals can present unique risks look out for friends, know the risks and where to get help. What is ecstasy or MDMA? Ecstasy is a slang term for drugs meant [...]

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Paul Dillon: 5% of year 10 students have tried MDMA

'MDMA is the drug of the moment', with a marked spike in young people expressing concern for their peers who are using an 'unprecedented' amount of this and other drugs, according to drug researcher and educator Paul Dillon. At a recent coronial inquest into NSW music festival deaths, Dillon stated that the lack of early [...]

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