Overcoming resentment and using gratitude to build mental resilience

Join Andrew Fuller as he chats with guest Dr Kerry Howells on gratitude and resentment How letting go of everyday resentments and using gratitude tools can build positive work and education environments Gratitude builds on positive feelings and can help with depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, immune function, and optimism Gratitude is an action rather [...]

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The GN Podcast with Andrew Fuller: Emotion Coaching

Join Andrew Fuller as he chats with guest Marie Vakakis on emotion coaching. Emotions – Why they are important to understand The current research on how to approach emotion-based coaching The stages of life and how emotions differ as we go through them Practical applications for schools and families Listen now below: Host: Andrew [...]

Transforming pain and trauma

Andrew Fuller speaks with guest Alpha Cheng on his remarkable journey of transforming pain and trauma into advocacy. They speak on understanding the emotions and transforming the pain and anger in a more constructive way. Alpha provides the different ways he has channeled his pain and trauma to seek and spread important messages. They [...]

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What we don’t understand about young people’s motivations

Young people are demanding change. In the last few days, young Indigenous activists and their supporters blocked parliamentarians in Victoria, B.C., from accessing the provincial legislature and led waves of protest across the country. For some young people, climate change is urgent. For others, gun violence is a crisis. From truth and reconciliation to inclusion [...]

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