A key vehicle for Generation Next’s professional education efforts in the prevention and control of mental illness among youth is the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Young People Seminar Series.

A ground-breaking national circuit, the not-for-profit seminars bring together leading experts in youth mental health and equip participants with the knowledge, skills and tools to better look after the wellbeing of the young people they work with. Specifically, it provides them with the latest updates in relation to specific mental illnesses, prevention and early intervention strategies as well as options for support, self-care and management of mental illnesses. The issues addressed in the seminar each year are determined based on consultation with experts in youth mental health, and tackle the most current mental health conditions alongside emerging mental illnesses.

Attendance at the seminars can count towards professional development (PD)  for teachers (NESA endorsed), nurses, social workers, counsellors, psychologists and some other professions! For more information visit our Professional Development page.

The following seminars are available in 2020:


Friday 22 May, 2020 • 9.00am – 5.00pm | Learn more | Book now


Friday 5 June, 2020 • 9.00am – 5.00pm | Learn more | Book now


Friday 19 June 2020 • 9.00am – 5.00pm | Learn more | Book now


Friday 31 July, 2020 • 9.00am – 5.00pm | Learn more | Book now


Friday 14 August, 2020 • 9.00am – 5.00pm | Learn more | Book now


Friday 21 August, 2020 • 9.00am – 5.00pm | Learn more | Book now

What our delegates say:

Feedback collected on the day and on an ongoing basis has underscored that the seminars have a strong positive impact on the professional practice of attendees, and in the description of delegates, has a multiplied effect on the young people they work with or interact with on a daily basis:

Does the seminar fulfill your learning needs in relation to better supporting the young people you work with in your professional practice? (delegate response, n=1985)

  • 96% of participants indicated that the seminar has fulfilled their learning needs
  • 95% feel strongly that the learning from the day can be effectively and easily translated into and implemented in their day-to-day practice for the benefit of the mental health of young people they work with
  • 96% of participants report that this learning has a direct, long term positive benefit on the mental and emotional wellbeing of young people they were in contact with.

You can read more about about what participants have to say about our programs here.

Responding to the challenges posed by a rapidly changing online environment, in 2019 Generation Next is hosting a unique event dedicated to promoting a healthy digital diet, harnessing the benefits of technology for education and supporting professionals help young people stay safe, positive and responsible online.

Stay tuned for more information about Kids in Cyberspace events