10 tips for parenting preteens

Many parents have difficulty when their kids hit preadolescence, as this is a major period of physical and cognitive change. In particular, a child's increased independence and need for distance from their parents can be a real struggle to adapt to. This is also a time when children need a good relationship with their parents [...]

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Being the best advocate for your child with autism at school

This article features advice from Emma Goodall on how parents can ensure their autistic child has the best possible experience at school. As a person with autism as well as a teacher who specialises in teaching autistic children, Emma's experience is invaluable in this area. The basis of Emma's message is to be constructive rather [...]

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The power of perseverance

The more we persevere and sticks to life goals, the lower our risk of mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression in the decades that follow, a new study suggests. In the study, which was published recently in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology, researchers focused on three things in particular: goal persistence, self-mastery, and [...]

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Too much love: helicopter parents could be raising anxious, narcissistic children

The Age newspaper recently highlighted the issue of so-called “helicopter parenting” at universities. The report talked of parents contacting lecturers to ask about their adult children’s grades, sitting in on meetings with course coordinators and repeatedly phoning academics to inquire about students’ progress. Over-parenting involves parents using developmentally inappropriate tactics that far exceed the actual [...]

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Year 11 and 12: some teen support tips for parents

When high-schoolers are completing their senior years, it can feel as if the whole family is doing Year 11 or Year 12, according to clinical psychologist Andrew Fuller. Parents have a vital role in helping their teens - and that includes helping them to manage their time, energy, and stress - and to get everything [...]

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Almost every Australian teacher has been bullied by students or their parents, and it’s taking a toll

Paulina Billett, La Trobe University; Edgar Burns, La Trobe University, and Rochelle Fogelgarn, La Trobe University Teachers are bullied daily by parents and students. They experience the kind of harassment that would be deemed unacceptable in most workplaces. But, in the case of teachers, such treatment is often dismissed as par for the course. Radio [...]

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5 big mental health benefits of a belly laugh

Laughing is fun, and it turns out that it’s also great for mental health, according to LYSN psychologist Noosha Anzab. As Anzab recently told BHG, laughter has a similar effect on the mind as exercise, and can reduce feelings of mental depletion, can change a person’s mood, strengthen the immune system, and even act as [...]

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Dads and daughters in the spotlight

Journalist and author Madonna King has taken deep dive into the relationship between dads and their daughters in a new book called Fathers and Daughters. In researching her book, King spoke to 400 fathers and 1300 girls, as well as a number of experts, to take a closer look at the complicated relationship that becomes [...]

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Portrait of an anxiety trailblazer

Australian anxiety expert and Generation Next collaborator Prof Jennie Hudson has been captured on canvas by 2019 Archibald Prize entrant Joe Lander. Professor Hudson is the Director of the Centre for Emotional Health, a Professor at the Department of Psychology at Macquarie University, and a previous Generation Next educational seminar presenter – and it was [...]

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Psychedelics to treat mental illness? Australian researchers are giving it a go

An estimated one in ten Australians were taking antidepressants in 2015. That’s double the number using them in 2000, and the second-highest rate of antidepressant use among all OECD countries. Yet some studies have found antidepressants might be no more effective than placebo. Not only does this mean many Australians aren’t experiencing relief from their [...]

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