Am I coping well during the pandemic?

Nick Haslam, University of Melbourne The pandemic has posed unprecedented challenges. Many of us have lost work, gained carer responsibilities and grappled with social isolation. Experts have warned of a looming wave of mental illness as a result. Research suggests they’re largely correct. Surveys in Australia, the UK and the USA point to rates of [...]

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COVID-19: How to maintain those good routines after lockdown

Breanna Wright & Fraser Tull Lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic uprooted a lot of our usual routines, and did it twice for those of us in Melbourne. But the ‘great disruption’ has also given birth to new routines. While lockdown one may have been the time for baking bread, language apps, musical instruments and home [...]

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A place to get away from it all: 5 ways school libraries support student well-being

Margaret Kristin Merga, Edith Cowan University Students in Australia and around the world have experienced significant challenges this year, including the COVID-19 pandemic and natural disasters. Globally, as many as one in five young people may experience mental-health problems. These can be exacerbated, or even brought on by, stressful life events including economic pressures related to the [...]

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With over 300,000 young people left in limbo by COVID, we need a job cadet program

Peter Hurley, Victoria University; David G. Lloyd, University of South Australia and Peter Dawkins, Victoria University Australia should create a national job cadet program to help young people into work, according to a report released today by the Mitchell Institute. In the report, Averting an Escalating Labour Market Crisis for Young People in Australia: A Proposed [...]

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Year 12 exams in the time of COVID: 5 ways to support your child to stress less and do better

Erin Mackenzie, Western Sydney University; Penny Van Bergen, Macquarie University and Roberto H Parada, Western Sydney University Year 12 exams can be stressful at the best of times; this is particularly true for the Class of 2020. Here are five ways parents and carers of Year 12 students preparing for their final exams can support [...]

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How COVID is widening the academic gender divide

Kirsty Duncanson, La Trobe University; Natasha Weir, La Trobe University; Pavithra Siriwardhane, RMIT University and Tehmina Khan, RMIT University From the first rumblings of its spread, COVID-19’s impact on women academics was immediate. In a sign of the gendered nature of the pandemic’s impacts, men’s research submissions to academic journals almost instantly increased by 50%, single-author [...]

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Self-harm in immigration detention has risen sharply. Here are 6 ways to address this health crisis

Kyli Hedrick, and Rohan Borschmann, University of Melbourne Newly published data have revealed the number of self-harm incidents in Australia’s immigration detention centres spiked during the first seven months of this year. While rates of self-harm among detained asylum seekers were already known to be high - in fact, 200 times higher than in the general Australian community [...]

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Why we need to focus more on the needs of children in domestic and family violence responses

In 2015, domestic and family violence (DFV) was declared a "national emergency" in Australia, with its impact on women and children costing the country an estimated A$22 billion each year. In 2019, the short and long-term consequences of childhood trauma, including DFV, were estimated to cost the Australian economy A$34 billion each year. While children may witness [...]

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The rise of ultra-processed foods and why they’re really bad for our health

Phillip Baker, Deakin University; Mark Lawrence, Deakin University, and Priscila Machado, Deakin University Humans (and our ancestors) have been processing food for at least 1.8 million years. Roasting, drying, grinding and other techniques made food more nutritious, durable and tasty. This helped our ancestors to colonise diverse habitats, and then develop settlements and civilisations. Many [...]

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5 tips on how unis can do more to design online learning that works for all students

Erin Leif, Monash University; Christine Grové, Monash University; Laura Alfrey, Monash University; Stella Laletas, Monash University, and Umesh Sharma, Monash University The COVID-19 pandemic has driven a rapid shift to online learning at all Australian universities. This presents unique opportunities for both educators and students, but also new challenges. Recent media reports suggest online learning [...]

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