Educator Wellbeing: Practical solutions to reset, recharge and recover

Educator’s focus and dedication calls upon much more than teaching the academic curriculum. As part and parcel of the nature of their work, they often become mentors, counsellors, confidants, emotional coaches and in some cases ‘surrogate carers,’ to their students. Educating young people is both gratifying and emotionally taxing. Educators are clever, stoic and remarkable beings whose [...]

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The ‘infodemic’ and the consequences of evidence misuse

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought into sharp focus the ways we access, use and misuse evidence to guide our responses to the spread of the coronavirus. As we’ve seen, the use of evidence has been highly variable. Andrew Pattison from the World Health Organisation said false information was "spreading faster than the virus". This so-called [...]

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The emotional toll of COVID-19 among early childhood educators

Despite school closures (re)occurring around the world as a way to slow the spread of COVID-19, early childhood education and care (ECEC) providers in Australia have been encouraged to keep their doors open since the start of the crisis. While it was initially suggested there was evidence to suggest that young children were less likely to catch [...]

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Parents of school-age kids during COVID-19? Yes, you’re stressed

Dr Barbara Broadway , Dr Julie Moschion and Dr Susan MéndezIt has been very clear from early on in the COVID-19 crisis that mental health issues will be one of the greatest consequences of the lockdowns and economic recession. Reports of high mental distress have doubled since the pandemic began. Around 36 per cent of [...]

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‘Exhausted beyond measure’: what teachers are saying about COVID-19 and the disruption to education

Louise Phillips, James Cook University and Melissa Cain, Australian Catholic University All Victorian school students will be learning remotely from Wednesday. Prior to the state’s premier Daniel Andrews announcing a tightening of restrictions over the weekend, only students in prep to Year 10 in Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire were learning from home. But on [...]

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‘No one is truly there to help’: why so little is known about the reasons people go missing

Sarah Wayland, University of Sydney and Lorna Ferguson, Western University As part of new research into missing persons in Australia, I have been asking people who return after disappearing what they needed or wanted. Mary, who has gone missing four times in the last few years, responded, I just wanted someone to ask if I [...]

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Victoria’s Year 12 students are learning remotely. But they won’t necessarily fall behind

Sarah Prestridge, Griffith University and Donna Pendergast, Griffith University In early July, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced government school students in prep to Year 10 — in Metropolitan Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire —would learn from home for term three. Students in Years 11 and 12, as well as those in Year 10 attending VCE [...]

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How should I clean my cloth mask?

Brett Mitchell, University of Newcastle and Philip Russo, Monash University Face coverings, such as cloth masks, are mandatory for all Victorians and are being recommended for public use in some other parts of the country. Wearing a face covering helps prevent the spread of COVID-19 by providing a physical barrier. In saying that, they don’t replace the need to [...]

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Lessons from lockdown one: Remote learning and the pressures facing working parents

As many Victorians go into a second period of lockdown with a return to remote learning for students from prep to Year 10, working parents are bracing for another period where conflicting paid-work and care-work demands must somehow be managed. Isolation and the damaging impacts of COVID-19 affect everyone, and are widening social inequalities. And [...]

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With kids spending more waking hours on screens than ever, here’s what parents need to worry about

James M. Lang, Assumption College Millions of working parents have spent months largely trapped in their homes with their children. Many are trying to get their jobs done remotely in the constant presence of their kids, and they are desperate for some peace and quiet. Many mothers and fathers have sought any available remedy that [...]

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