Inclusive education during COVID-19: Lessons from teachers around the world

Umesh Sharma & Fiona May COVID-19 has disrupted education systems on a global scale, creating unexpected challenges. Approximately 1.6 billion children around the world have been unable to attend school due to COVID-19 lockdowns, with schools required to make rapid adjustments in the move to online teaching and learning. The pandemic has increased the educational divide [...]

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Tips to bridge the education divide created by COVID-19

As Victorian schools, teachers and students adapt to the pressures of stage four lockdowns, questions have been raised about how inclusive education can be provided during remote learning. Inclusive education means providing high-quality schooling that's fair and equitable for all students. It means every child is welcomed and valued without exception. However, COVID-19 has created, [...]

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Why every teacher needs to know about childhood trauma

Emily Berger, Monash University and Karen Martin, University of Western Australia Mental health issues among children are on the rise due to the impacts of the COVID pandemic, including lockdowns. Recent reports show there has been a 28% spike in calls to the phone counselling service Kids Helpline between March and July 2020 compared with [...]

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Short exercise breaks during class improve concentration for senior students

David Lubans, University of Newcastle and Myrto Mavilidi, University of Newcastle Primary school teachers often provide students with short physical activity breaks to energise kids and minimise classroom disruptions. Our study, published in the journal Educational Psychology Review, found we should be doing this for senior students too. We found a short activity break can [...]

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We asked kids who their favourite teacher is, and why. Here’s what they said

Penny Van Bergen, Macquarie University; Linda J. Graham, Queensland University of Technology, and Naomi Sweller, Macquarie University Most of us can remember a favourite teacher. Some of us can also remember a teacher we didn’t get on with or with whom we always seemed to get in trouble. Relationships between students and teachers at school [...]

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2 hours of TV a day in late childhood linked to lower test scores later

Lisa Mundy, Murdoch Children's Research Institute and George Patton, University of Melbourne Children aged 8 and 9 who watched more than two hours of TV a day or spent more than one hour a day on a computer had lower scores than their peers on reading and numeracy at ages 10 and 11, our study [...]

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To safeguard children’s mental health during COVID-19, parents must look after their own

Sarah Whittle, University of Melbourne and Kate Bray, University of Melbourne The negative mental health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are clear, but there is particular concern children will be most affected in the long run. By the end of March school closures were impacting 91% of the world’s student population and are still affecting [...]

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Kids spend nearly three-quarters of their school day sitting. Here’s how to get them moving — during lessons

Natalie Lander, Deakin University and Jo Salmon, Deakin University Regular physical activity is linked to improvements in physical and mental health including anxiety and depression. It can also improve cognitive functioning such as attention and memory, and academic achievement in children. But only 14% of Australian children get the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity [...]

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Helping to develop empathy in digital classrooms

Associate Professor Terry Bowles and Emma PhillipsEmpathy is one of the major ways we come to understand ourselves and those around us. It is often described as a broad capacity, ability or skill that enables people to perceive and resonate with other’s emotions – effectively, it allows us to ‘walk’ in another person’s shoes. Empathy [...]

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Let’s talk to kids about the second COVID-19 wave and new restrictions

Children, youth and families are critical members of the pandemic response. Our team at Monash Education is conducting an Australian-wide longitudinal study to understand the educational and wellbeing impact of COVID-19 on children, parents, adults and families. So far, 1987 adults and 256 youth participants have completed the survey. Preliminary findings suggest that parents don't [...]

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