Parents, you don’t always need to entertain your kids – boredom is good for them

Most Australian children are stuck at home due to the outbreak of COVID-19. They need to find ways to socialise, do their school work, exercise and entertain themselves. It’s not surprising parents may be hearing “I’m bored” a lot more than before. People hate being bored. So much so that in one study, one-quarter of [...]

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40% of Australian principals are victims of physical violence

- Theresa Dicke, Australian Catholic University; Geetanjali Basarkod, Australian Catholic University; Herb Marsh, Australian Catholic University; Jiesi Guo, Australian Catholic University; Philip D. Parker, Australian Catholic University, and Philip Riley, Deakin University Almost all (97%) school principals in Australia work overtime. More than 70% work more than 56 hours per week during school terms and [...]

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Mental Health- what teachers should look for

Some young people have been living an online lifestyle for years. This means that while some kids are thriving without the pressures of attending school, others are unravelling & facing mental health concerns during challenging times. Teachers have been asking about the signs that might indicate they should be more concerned about a young person’s [...]

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Three Big Things Parents can do to help with Home- Based Learning

- Andrew Fuller Co-ordinating two school projects, one involving glue and a major construction of the solar system while simultaneously reacquainting yourself with the delights of Year 10 trigonometry is living the dream isn’t it? At the same time you are wrestling with zoom, webex, teams, hangouts and a series of passwords and codes. Just [...]

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Helping Year 12 students stay on track

Usually, this week would have seen many students returning to school. But here in Victoria, they’re at home – after Premier Daniel Andrews announced that most students would be studying from home during their second term of the school year. For those students in their final year of high school who are already preparing for [...]

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So you’re going to school online – here are 6 ways to make the most of it

Claire Brown, Victoria University and Rannah Scamporlino, Victoria University Effective learning is a two-way process between the teacher and students, meaning both need to engage. If a student simply sits and listens to new information without engaging or applying it, it’s called passive learning. Active learning is where students engage with new learning making connections [...]

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Students won’t get through all school content while learning at home: here are 3 things to prioritise

Alison Willis, University of the Sunshine Coast As children learn from home, parents are effectively running two schedules – work and school. Some children may not be able to get through all the work their school assigns in the time they have, which can leave parents feeling guilty. It’s important for parents to note they [...]

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After COVID-19: The Longer-Term Impacts of the Coronavirus Crisis on Education

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) is stress-testing all aspects of society in uncomfortable and unsettling ways. In terms of education, COVID-19 has already stretched our education systems to breaking-point. By the end of March 2020, school closures had affected over 1.3 billion children and young people across the globe – that is nearly 80 per [...]

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COVID-19 has thrown year 12 students’ lives into chaos. What can we do?

Schools have been progressively moving classes online due to the COVID-19 pandemic and there is uncertainty over what the next months may bring. This has thrown many year 12 students’ lives into chaos. States and territories are yet to determine what will happen with final year exams. More than 180,000 students are expected to complete [...]

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How to Use a School Closure to Surge Ahead Academically

The probability of school closures to slow the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is a major challenge for senior school students. It is tempting to view this as an extended holiday with time for crashing out on the couch, watching squillions of episodes of Games of Thrones (again), spending endless hours messaging friends and consuming [...]

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