‘Exhausted beyond measure’: what teachers are saying about COVID-19 and the disruption to education

Louise Phillips, James Cook University and Melissa Cain, Australian Catholic University All Victorian school students will be learning remotely from Wednesday. Prior to the state’s premier Daniel Andrews announcing a tightening of restrictions over the weekend, only students in prep to Year 10 in Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire were learning from home. But on [...]

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Victoria’s Year 12 students are learning remotely. But they won’t necessarily fall behind

Sarah Prestridge, Griffith University and Donna Pendergast, Griffith University In early July, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced government school students in prep to Year 10 — in Metropolitan Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire —would learn from home for term three. Students in Years 11 and 12, as well as those in Year 10 attending VCE [...]

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Let’s talk to kids about the second COVID-19 wave and new restrictions

Children, youth and families are critical members of the pandemic response. Our team at Monash Education is conducting an Australian-wide longitudinal study to understand the educational and wellbeing impact of COVID-19 on children, parents, adults and families. So far, 1987 adults and 256 youth participants have completed the survey. Preliminary findings suggest that parents don't [...]

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Students in Melbourne will go back to remote schooling. Here’s what we learnt last time and how to make it better

Wee Tiong Seah, University of Melbourne; Cath Pearn, University of Melbourne, and Daniela Acquaro, University of Melbourne On Sunday, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced government school students in prep to Year 10 in metropolitan Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire will learn from home for term three. The remote learning period will run from July 20 [...]

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Being a teacher during COVID-19

Associate Professor Wee Tiong Seah, Catherine Pearn, Dr Daniela Acquaro and Dr Natasha ZiebellCOVID-19 thrust our school communities into a rapid transition to remote learning which affected almost every facet of school-based education. Understanding the effect on our school students and teachers is crucial as we begin to reconfigure our ideas of what education may [...]

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Why governments must recognise the importance of an arts-based education

Australia is considered one of the most multicultural countries in the world. However, as globalisation becomes the norm, and we begin to welcome people from countries with vastly different backgrounds, experiences, ideologies, values and belief systems, how can we harness the power of education to develop intercultural competence and enhance social inclusion? Education is a [...]

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We live in an age of ‘fake news’. But Australian children are not learning enough about media literacy

Tanya Notley, Western Sydney University and Michael Dezuanni, Queensland University of Technology Today we release the findings from our new research into how young Australians consume and think about news media. Following a summer of bushfires and during the COVID-19 pandemic, young people have told us they consume news regularly. But they also say they [...]

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Making the most of educational videos in the classroom

Video is now embedded in education at all levels. In both secondary and tertiary contexts, educators are heavily relying on content ranging from low-budget instructor-made webcam videos, to high-budget productions, and viral YouTube channels. However, it’s likely that many, if not most, of these applications of instructional video aren’t fulfilling the learning expectations, and could [...]

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Back to school … for now? It makes sense to plan for more remote learning

-Neil Selwyn, Professor, Faculty of Education, Monash University As many families and schools look forward to returning to face-to-face teaching, we need to take stock and prepare ourselves for the possibility of further bouts of remote home schooling. The gradual reopening of schools and resumption of face-to-face teaching is giving us a glimmer of hope [...]

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Education in extreme times

David Browning and Dr Christopher T. McCaw After a remarkable success in flattening the COVID-19 curve, Australia’s States and Territories are now charting the course back towards school-based learning. The shift to remote and online learning presented immense challenges for students, parents and teachers, and the digital divide means that existing educational inequalities are only [...]

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