‘I just go to school with no food’ – why Australia must tackle child poverty to improve educational outcomes

Gerry Redmond, Flinders University About one in six children in Australia live in poverty. These children generally have poorer educational outcomes than more advantaged children. Our recently published research shows students who live in poverty also experience more social exclusion at school than their more advantaged peers. These findings suggests disadvantage at home carries over [...]

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Kids whose grandparents are overweight are almost twice as likely to struggle with obesity

By Edmund Wedam Kanmiki, The University of Queensland; Abdullah Mamun, The University of Queensland, and Yaqoot Fatima, James Cook University School holidays can be a special time for extended families to gather. Children may see their grandparents at seasonal gatherings or as part of childcare arrangements to help working parents. New research suggests the biology, [...]

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Swap shapes for rice crackers, chips for popcorn… parents can improve their kids’ diet with these healthier lunchbox options

Matthew Mclaughlin, University of Newcastle; Alison Brown, University of Newcastle; Jannah Jones, University of Newcastle; Luke Wolfenden, University of Newcastle, and Rachel Sutherland, University of Newcastle Four in five primary school students eat a packed lunch every day, costing parents around A$20 a week. That’s almost 10 million lunchboxes across Australia every week. But nine [...]

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Aussie kids are some of the least active in the world. We developed a cheap school program that gets results

Taren Sanders, Australian Catholic University; Chris Lonsdale, Australian Catholic University; David Lubans, University of Newcastle; Michael Noetel, Australian Catholic University, and Philip D. Parker, Australian Catholic University Australian children are among the least active in the world. In a recent study, Aussie kids ranked 140th out of 146 countries for physical activity. And in 2018, [...]

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We’re all ingesting microplastics at home, and these might be toxic for our health. Here are some tips to reduce your risk

Mark Patrick Taylor, Macquarie University; Neda Sharifi Soltani, Macquarie University, and Scott P. Wilson, Macquarie University Australians are eating and inhaling significant numbers of tiny plastics at home, our new research shows. These “microplastics”, which are derived from petrochemicals extracted from oil and gas products, are settling in dust around the house. Some of these [...]

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Virtual Y – a new resource tailored to young people from YMCA

With so much conflicting information out there about what’s healthy and what’s not, it can be difficult making decisions on what’s best for our bodies. YMCA’s Healthy Living Magazine is available on the Virtual Y portal with lots of great recipes, nutrition advice and videos to inspire your next meal. The [...]

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