Why every teacher needs to know about childhood trauma

Emily Berger, Monash University and Karen Martin, University of Western Australia Mental health issues among children are on the rise due to the impacts of the COVID pandemic, including lockdowns. Recent reports show there has been a 28% spike in calls to the phone counselling service Kids Helpline between March and July 2020 compared with [...]

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‘Lit therapy’ in the classroom: writing about trauma can be valuable, if done right

Yannick Thoraval, RMIT University Some of my students have been assaulted. Others have been homeless, jobless or broke, some suffer from depression, anxiety or grief. Some fight addiction, cancer or for custody. Many are in pain and they want to write about it. Opening wounds in the classroom is messy and risky. Boundaries and intentions [...]

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True or false: The complexities of trauma and memory

- Laura Jobson, Senior Lecturer, School of Psychological Sciences, Monash University The Netflix series Unbelievable tells the true story of a US teenager who’s raped but not believed by local police. Her story is inconsistent, and she appears detached when she tells it. Besides, she’s a former foster child, and perceived as emotionally “needy”. The [...]

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How schools can help students cope after the bushfires

School will start on a somewhat sombre note this year. Some schools will still be shrouded in smog from the bushfires. Some students will be grieving the loss of property, animals or even family and friends. Some remain evacuated and others are part of the recovery effort. In recent days, Australia’s education minister Dan Tehan [...]

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The impact of trauma to children’s learning experiences

Regardless of whether you teach in remote, rural, regional, or metropolitan schools, you can expect to come across a child in your classroom who has experienced trauma. Understanding the impact of trauma on learning capability may assist you to create trauma-sensitive learning environments. What is trauma? Adverse childhood experiences (ACE) are stressful or traumatic events, [...]

When mothers are killed by their partners, children often become ‘forgotten’ victims

Last month, eight women died as the result of male violence in Australia. Five were within one week. In six of the cases, the alleged perpetrator was a current or former partner. These figures seem all too familiar. This time last year, seven of the nine women allegedly killed by a male perpetrator were in [...]

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IT: Chapter 2 raises fresh concerns about horror movie promo and children

Peak national body Australian Council on Children and the Media (ACCM) has claimed that promotions of the movie IT: Chapter 2 have been irresponsible due to the use of graphic imagery in places that children can easily see, such as outdoor posters and internet advertising. ACCM President, Professor Elizabeth Handsley, said yesterday, “The impacts of [...]

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Dissociative disorders are nearly as common as depression. Why haven’t we heard about them?

Dissociative disorders are often said to be rare. But our soon-to-be published analysis of international studies suggest they affect 10-11% of the population at some point in their lives. This makes them nearly as common as mood disorders (such as clinical depression). So what are dissociative disorders, why is diagnosis controversial and how can people [...]

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Trauma: five reasons to talk about it

Trauma was once thought to be rare. Until just a couple of decades ago, even mental health professionals defined trauma as an event “outside the range of usual human experience” - but as Ellen Hendriksen explains, that was before a 1995 study revealed that 61 percent of US men and 51 percent of US women [...]

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Dear Parent: About THAT kid

Dear Parent: I know. You're worried. Every day, your child comes home with a story about THAT kid. The one who is always hitting/shoving/pinching/scratching/maybe even biting other children. The one who always has to hold my hand in the hallway. The one who has a special spot at the carpet, and sometimes sits on a [...]

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