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Teens want COVID-19 advice that gives them safe ways to socialize – not just rules for what they can’t do

Social interaction can be risky during a pandemic, but it’s also important for young people’s development and mental health. Tammy Chang, University of Michigan and Matthew Dunn, University of Michigan America’s teens and young adults have a crucial role in containing the spread of COVID-19, but a series of youth surveys suggests that many misunderstand [...]

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To safeguard children’s mental health during COVID-19, parents must look after their own

Sarah Whittle, University of Melbourne and Kate Bray, University of Melbourne The negative mental health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are clear, but there is particular concern children will be most affected in the long run. By the end of March school closures were impacting 91% of the world’s student population and are still affecting [...]

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Can Victorians stick to the stage four rules? Our perception of what others are doing might be the key

With new rules restricting Victorians’ activities and movements to try to stem the second wave of COVID-19 cases comes the question of whether people will actually stick to them. There are at least two ways to answer this question, from a compliance perspective and a behavioural science perspective. Both lead to a similar answer: yes. [...]

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How to talk to someone who doesn’t wear a mask, and actually change their mind

Claire Hooker, University of Sydney It could be a brother or sister. It could be a neighbour. It could be a person you work with. We probably all know someone who doesn’t wear a mask in public even though it’s compulsory or recommended where you live. The media is quick to highlight people who think [...]

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Got someone with coronavirus at home? Here’s how to keep the rest of the household infection-free

Thea van de Mortel, Griffith University Although some positive signs suggest Victoria’s second wave may be slowing, we continue to see large numbers of COVID-19 cases recorded every day. Most people who test positive for COVID-19 won’t need hospital care and will self-isolate at home. But is it then inevitable the rest of the household [...]

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With rights come responsibilities: how coronavirus is a pandemic of hypocrisy

Luke Zaphir, The University of Queensland It’s after work and you’ve gone to the supermarket to grab some ingredients for dinner. You’re tired, anxious and pretty hungry. Plus you have to put on a mask because a thousand other people are there, and social distancing is hard to enforce at this moment. Now you’re uncomfortable, [...]

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Whitewash on the box: how a lack of diversity on Australian television damages us all

Usha M. Rodrigues, Deakin University Australia prides itself on being a successful multicultural society. Yet Australian television does not reflect the make-up of the wider community. This in turn means many stories of multicultural Australians remain untold. An analysis by Deakin University, to be launched today, shows Australian television news and current affairs programs across [...]

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What is bipolar disorder, the condition Kanye West lives with?

Ian Hickie, University of Sydney American rapper Kanye West has been making headlines recently as he mounts a campaign to be elected president of the United States. We’ve seen a series of chaotic and emotional public outbursts, including during his first presidential campaign appearance, as well as a string of incoherent tweets which he subsequently [...]

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Young men are more likely to believe COVID-19 myths. So how do we actually reach them?

Carissa Bonner, University of Sydney; Brooke Nickel, University of Sydney, and Kristen Pickles, University of Sydney If the media is anything to go by, you’d think people who believe coronavirus myths are white, middle-aged women called Karen. But our new study shows a different picture. We found men and people aged 18-25 are more likely [...]

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What racial discrimination does to young people’s wellbeing

Jochem Thijs, Utrecht University Discrimination against minority groups can be difficult to prove. Perpetrators are typically motivated to deny their prejudices, and are not always aware of their biases. This makes it possible to suggest – as happened recently in the Dutch national parliament – that racism is virtually nonexistent, and that claims about discrimination [...]

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