Buying picture books as Christmas presents? These stories with diverse characters can help kids develop empathy

By Helen Joanne Adam, Edith Cowan University Gifting children books can be about more than just giving them something to read. Books are portals to adventure, imagination and new experiences. Importantly, books can help children understand and appreciate themselves, and those around them. Sadly, books normalising racial, cultural, family or gender diversity and diverse abilities [...]

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Can learning shape the future of humanity and the planet?

Education itself cannot solve the challenges facing humanity, but it’s difficult to imagine we can address them without transforming education. With this in mind, UNESCO two years ago created the Futures of Education initiative, which has recently launched a major report with the title Reimagining our futures together: a new social contract for education?. The [...]

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‘Just say no’ doesn’t work for teen sex and drug use, so why rely on it for young driver education?

By Teresa Senserrick, Queensland University of Technology Human behaviour is complex. And yet approaches to road safety education are commonly far too simple, especially for young drivers. They are not only inexperienced but also biologically wired to be among those most at risk of crashing. It is time to explore a new, more proactive approach [...]

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Children deserve answers to their questions about climate change. Here’s how universities can help

By Gabi Mocatta, Deakin University and Chloe Lucas, University of Tasmania Our children are growing up in a volatile climate. It’s already damaging their health, wealth and well-being. Universities can be leaders in helping young people gain the knowledge they need to navigate this uncertain future. Curious Climate Schools, a project that connects young people [...]

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Free speech doesn’t mean you can say whatever you want, wherever. Here’s how to explain this to kids

By Luke Zaphir, The University of Queensland and Peter Ellerton, The University of Queensland Melbourne has seen days of anti-lockdown and anti-vaccination protests with hundreds of arrests made. Many protesters hold right-wing and extremist views. Police say people have been arrested for breaching the chief health officer’s directions, as well as drug-related offences and outstanding [...]

Climate change: Collective action a counterpoint to Australian government inaction

This article was co-authored with Rebecca Patrick, a climate-health researcher. As leading scientists call on the world to avert an impending climate catastrophe, Prime Minister Scott Morrison responded with this: “There is not a direct correlation between the action that Australia takes and the temperature in Australia.” Effectively, Scott Morrison is reasserting his already refuted [...]

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How caring for children can help Aboriginal Elders during lockdown

Susan Collings, University of Sydney; Irene Wardle, University of Sydney, and John Gilroy, University of Sydney Quotes in this research are from participants who cannot be named due to research ethics requirements. Pandemic-induced lockdowns have provided stories of both hardship and resilience. This extends to families in the community caring for children in out-of-home care, [...]

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Young Australians faced unique challenges even before the pandemic. Neglecting them jeopardises the country’s future.

George Patton, The University of Melbourne Two major reports released in the past week shine a light on Australia’s future. The fifth Intergenerational Report addressed the sustainability of the Australian government budget through to 2060 based on current economic and demographic trends. In the context of COVID-19’s disruptions to the national economy, it received much [...]

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