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Are the kids alright? Social isolation can take a toll, but play can help

Pasi Sahlberg, UNSW and Sharon Goldfeld, Murdoch Children's Research Institute Many parents are worried the disruptions of COVID lockdowns and school closures may affect their children’s mental health and development. In the Royal Children’s Hospital’s National Child Health Poll in June 2020, more than one-third of parents reported the pandemic has had negative consequences on [...]

Short exercise breaks during class improve concentration for senior students

David Lubans, University of Newcastle and Myrto Mavilidi, University of Newcastle Primary school teachers often provide students with short physical activity breaks to energise kids and minimise classroom disruptions. Our study, published in the journal Educational Psychology Review, found we should be doing this for senior students too. We found a short activity break can [...]

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Curious Kids: how does the Sun help your body make vitamin D?

Robyn Lucas, Australian National University How does the Sun help your body make vitamin D? Wesley, aged 7 Thanks for this great question, Wesley. Vitamin D is created when the chemicals in our skin react to an invisible type of light from the Sun. In Australia, most of our vitamin D is made in our [...]

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Should I let my kid climb trees? We asked five experts

We often remember childhood as a time when life seemed infinite and adventures in our backyard felt expansive, as if we were exploring other worlds. Climbing a tree was its own adventure. You could discover what you were capable of, while also getting the chance to see the world from a different vantage point. Of [...]

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