Missing out on PE during lockdowns means students will be playing catch-up

By Jora Broerse, Victoria University; Cameron Van der Smee, Federation University Australia, and Jaimie-Lee Maple, Victoria University International evidence suggests children have poorer movement skills as a result of COVID-related lockdowns that reduced physical activity at school, socially and in the community. In parts of Australia, learning from home replaced face-to-face classroom teaching for months [...]

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Physical activity is critical for children’s quality of life

By Associate Professor Kim Dalziel, Dr Li Huang , Dr Natalie Carvalho and Xiuqin Xiong  One thing that most families learn at some point – particularly during lockdown – is that balancing a child’s screen time with physical activity isn’t an easy task. Although research and parental guides tell us that time on screens, sleep [...]

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Climate change: Collective action a counterpoint to Australian government inaction

This article was co-authored with Rebecca Patrick, a climate-health researcher. As leading scientists call on the world to avert an impending climate catastrophe, Prime Minister Scott Morrison responded with this: “There is not a direct correlation between the action that Australia takes and the temperature in Australia.” Effectively, Scott Morrison is reasserting his already refuted [...]

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Do you think better when you’re moving?

Dr Hossein Mokhtarzadeh, Dr Jason Forte and Professor Peter Lee Do you like to pace while you think? You are not alone if you do. Aristotle, Dickens, Beethoven and many other great thinkers often walked when they were deep in thought. Two hundred years or so later, research from Stanford University suggests that going for [...]

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We’re all ingesting microplastics at home, and these might be toxic for our health. Here are some tips to reduce your risk

Mark Patrick Taylor, Macquarie University; Neda Sharifi Soltani, Macquarie University, and Scott P. Wilson, Macquarie University Australians are eating and inhaling significant numbers of tiny plastics at home, our new research shows. These “microplastics”, which are derived from petrochemicals extracted from oil and gas products, are settling in dust around the house. Some of these [...]

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The GN Podcast with Andrew Fuller: Nature deprivation syndrome – The importance of green space for mental health

In this episode: Are concrete jungles hurting our children? Some science around the great outdoors and brain development Practical tips for putting together “greenspace prescriptions” Host: Andrew Fuller, Clinical psychologist and family therapist, speaker and creator of Learning Strengths Guest: Dr Rachael Sharman, Senior Lecturer; Psychology, School of Health and Behavioural Sciences Total time: [...]

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Spending time in nature has always been important, but now it’s an essential part of coping with the pandemic

Catherine Knight, Te Herenga Waka — Victoria University of Wellington Even a short walk, an ocean view or a picnic by a river can leave us feeling invigorated and restored. There is now a growing body of evidence establishing the link between such nature encounters and our mental and physical well-being. The COVID-19 pandemic has [...]

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Curious Kids: how does the Sun help your body make vitamin D?

Robyn Lucas, Australian National University How does the Sun help your body make vitamin D? Wesley, aged 7 Thanks for this great question, Wesley. Vitamin D is created when the chemicals in our skin react to an invisible type of light from the Sun. In Australia, most of our vitamin D is made in our [...]

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Should I let my kid climb trees? We asked five experts

We often remember childhood as a time when life seemed infinite and adventures in our backyard felt expansive, as if we were exploring other worlds. Climbing a tree was its own adventure. You could discover what you were capable of, while also getting the chance to see the world from a different vantage point. Of [...]

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