Join Andrew Fuller as he chats with guest Dr Chris Wever on understanding ADHD in children

  • The prevalence of ADHD in Australia and the importance of diagnosis
  • Diagnosing ADHD, its effect on children, and treatment options
  • Strategies and resources for parents, teachers and those who support children and adolescents with ADHD

Listen now below:

Host: Andrew Fuller, Clinical Psychologist and Family Therapist, Speaker and Founder of My Learning Strengths

Guest: Dr Chris Wever, Consultant Child Psychiatrist; Queensland, Australia

Total time: 38 mins

Full of Beans – A Book by Dr Chris Wever

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder often spoils or even wrecks a child’s life at school and at home through learning difficulties and getting into trouble. Dr Wever’s book “Full of Beans” explains how ADHD works, how adults and clinicians can help and what kids can do for themselves to overcome these problems.

Download a sample and find out more at:

More online resources & tools to help parents and teachers better care for their children with ADHD:

Books by Dr Chris Wever

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