Join Andrew Fuller as he chats with guest Dr Michael Nagel on the neuroscience behind educating and raising young girls.

  • Neurological development
  • Optimising educational approaches: learning strengths, STEM, career preferences, social and emotional needs
  • The importance of a nurturing environment – finding a balance between supporting and allowing girls to develop their own voice and identity

Listen now below:

Host: Andrew Fuller, Clinical Psychologist and Family Therapist, Speaker and Founder of My Learning Strengths

Guest: Dr Michael Nagel, Researcher and Author; Educator, University of Sunshine Coast

Total time: 20 mins

It’s a Girl Thing – A Book by Dr Michael Nagel

Using the latest neuroscientific research, Dr Michael C. Nagel explores the neurological differences that exist between boys and girls, and how this shapes their behaviour, learning, growth and development. Exploring female aggression, self-esteem, relationships, emotional problems, peer-contagion and the challenges of technology, Dr Nagel offers solutions and ideas for parents and teachers.

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