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Growing Happy, Healthy Young Minds

Edited by Dr Ramesh Manocha & Gyongyi Horvath
To read the full chapter go to Volume 1, chapter 13, pp. 202-216.


Amy Burton, Andreea Heriseanu, Brooke Donnelly & Phillip Aouad

University of Sydney

Brooke, Phillip, Amy and Andreea are all affiliated with the University of Sydney. Brooke Donnelly is a Senior Clinical Psychologist and Network Eating Disorder Coordinator at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney. Phillip Aouad is a psychology PhD candidate whose research focuses on unexplored eating disorder symptoms. Amy Burton and Andreea Heriseanu are Clinical Psychology Interns and PhD candidates.

This chapter will provide an overview of excessive dieting and exercise in adolescents, how to recognise these behaviours, and what to do for support. We will discuss the important difference between ‘healthy’ changes to diet and exercise and ‘excessive’ dieting and exercising.

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Australian Dietary Guidelines:

Centre for Eating and Dieting Disorders:

Eating Disorder Hope

Excessive Exercise:

Feed Your Instinct


National Eating Disorders Collaboration:

Helpline: 1800 334 673


The Butterfly Foundation:

Helpline: 1800 ED HOPE (1800 33 4673)

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More resources will be available soon!

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