Student Wellbeing and Leadership Program Interactive Livestream

The Student Wellbeing and Leadership Program Interactive Livestream provides accessible mental health education to all schools across Australia and equips students to better look after their mental health by increasing mental health literacy and providing practical strategies, tools and skills to maintain good mental health.

The Interactive Livestream is targeted at high school students, with different modules for different age groups, making it suitable for the whole school community. Sessions are interactive, stimulating and include Q&A, polling and discussion, enabling students to interact with their peers in real-time across Australia.

Friday, 16 March 2018 9.00am – 2.00pm AEDT


The Free Interactive Livestream is open to all schools in Australia. Participating schools will be required to fill in a feedback questionnaire.

If your school is based in Sydney you have the option of attending our Sydney Student Program 2.

Schools will need the following facilities to participate in the interactive livestream:

  1. An internet connection (ADSL 2 or better),
  2. A suitable projector and screen
  3. Audio system for sound
  4. A suitable auditorium/hall/room to accommodate students comfortably for the duration of the event
  5. Each student should have an internet enabled digital device (eg smartphone, ipad or laptop) if they wish to participate in the polling and Q&A

Topics & Facilitators:

  • Practical Stress Management Strategies; Andrew Fuller, Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychologist, Inyahead
  • Sexting; Brett Lee, Founder, Internet Safe Education
  • Relationships and ConsentDr Jessica Dean, Former President, Australian Medical Students’ Association; Board Director, beyondblue
  • Is Social Media Good for You?; A/Prof Michael Nagel, Researcher and Author, University of Sunshine Coast