About Kids in CyberSpace

Kids in Cyberspace has been relaunched in 2017 in Melbourne and Sydney. This page contains information about the original event held in 2012.

Friday 16 March 2012, 8:30am – 5:15pm: NSW Teachers Federation Conference Centre, Sydney


The Kids in Cyberspace seminar provided an authoritative update on cybersafety, online behaviours, digital citizenship and cyber-wellness, providing practical knowledge and applicable strategies.

Plenary Topics 8:30am – 1:35pm

  • Cyberbullying, Cyberharassment & Sexting
  • Cyberspace, Young People and the Law- Important Stuff You Need to Know
  • Identity Theft & Your Digital Footprint
  • Sleep, Screens, and Teenagers
  • Internet Overuse and Addiction
  • Online Predators and Grooming
  • Assisting Parents to Manage Their Children’s Online Behaviour
  • The Positive Internet – Positive Uses of Twitter & Facebook
  • Whole School Approaches
  • Important Cybersafety Resources

Workshops 2:00pm – 5:15pm

  • eSmart, ThinkUKnow, Cybersmart
  • Cyberbullying Practical Issues
  • Managing Your Digital Footprint
  • Identity Theft & Common Sense Online Security
  • Cyberlaws
  • Cyberpolicies for Schools
  • Online Stalking, Fraud & Internet Crime
  • Gamemaking to Enhance Engagement
  • Collaborative Platforms to Promote Learning
  • Managing Common Online Hazards
  • Cyberwellness
  • Research into Practice Sleep and Screens
  • Violent Video Games & Aggression
  • Best Enemies

Confirmed Speakers

  • Susan McLean, Cybersafety Consultant
  • Dr Philip Tam, Child Psychiatrist, Network for Internet Investigation and Research Australia
  • Det. Sgt Stuart Butler, Taskforce Argos, Qld Police
  • Robyn Treyvaud, Cybersafety Consultant
  • Brett Lee, Cybersafety Consultant
  • Greg Gebhart, ACMA & Cybersmart
  • Melissa Sevil, AFP, ThinkUKnow
  • Jeremy Blackman, The Alannah and Madeline Foundation, eSmart
  • Tena Davies, Psychologist and Educator
  • Dr Wayne Warburton, Psychologist
  • Anton Tomassen, E-learning Head of Dept and 1 to 1 Project Manager – Microsoft Innovation School
  • Det. Superintendent Brian Hay, Fraud & Corporate Crime Group
  • Dr Sarah Blunden, Senior Paediatric Sleep Research Fellow
  • Mark Gregory, Snr Lecturer, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Matthew Keeley, Director National Children’s and Youth Law Centre
  • Marta Vickland, Educator, Best Enemies