Join Andrew Fuller as he chats with guest Maggie Hamilton on loneliness in young people, it’s effects, and what we can do to help them navigate through it.

  • How loneliness affects young people
  • Parents can turn their child’s boredom into an opportunity to develop contemplation and independent thinking
  • Talking about uncertainties with our young people is important
  • Important life skills on how to navigate loneliness

Listen now below:

Host: Andrew Fuller, Clinical Psychologist and Family Therapist, Speaker and Founder of My Learning Strengths

Guest: Maggie Hamilton, Writer, Social Researcher and Media Commentator

Total time: 29 mins

Social researcher Maggie Hamilton writes books and for magazines; gives frequent talks; and is a keen observer of social trends. Her books, which have been published in over a dozen countries worldwide, include What Men Don’t Talk About, which examines the lives of real men and boys; What’s Happening to Our Girls? and What’s Happening to Our Boys? which looks at the 21st century issues boys and girls face, offering practical workable solutions to these challenges; and Secret Girls’ Business a fun funky empowering gift book for teen girls, and now When We Become Strangers: How Loneliness Leaks Into Our Lives and What To Do About It, just out.

When We Become Strangers: How Loneliness Leaks into Our Lives and What We Can Do About It – A Book by Maggie Hamilton

‘Restores hope and gives simple, practical steps we can all take to feel safe and connected; as we build a new way of living and turn around the estrangement we all feel.’ 
– Katrina Cavanough, CEO – The Kindness On Purpose Movement

Introduction + first chapter of When We Become Strangers

Podcast with Dan Bourchier 

Why is our i-Generation the loneliest (and most forgetful) of all? Why do so many our kids find nature threatening, and feel vulnerable around unfamiliar situations and ideas? What happens when children lack kind touch? Where do they learn to build their community? How does the presence of devices impair learning and conversational skills? Why does the need to be ‘perfect’ undermine our kids? Where does the ‘winners and losers’ approach to others take them? Why is exposing our kids to difference and boredom so important? What happens when parents slip into the role of entertainer? What easy-to-implement solutions can help turn our isolation around?

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