Generation Next achieves its objective of providing education and information about the prevention and management of mental illness in young people using a multi-tiered strategy.

We educate professionals in the education, community and health sectors that work with young people to support the prevention and control of mental illness in young people. We do this through developing and delivering evidence-based educational programs and resources.

We empower young people to take control of their mental and emotional wellbeing by providing them with the knowledge and tools to better look after their own and their peers’ mental health. We offer targeted student programs, interactive livestreams and other platforms and resources that build resilience in youth and enable them to better recognise risks to their mental health and increase help-seeking behaviour.

We raise community awareness about the prevention and management of mental illness in young people, increasing mental health literacy, tackling associated stigma and positively influencing individual and community behaviour for improved mental health.

We undertake research on current and emerging issues affecting the mental, social and emotional wellbeing of young people to identify preventative, treatment or management measures of mental illness in young people. This has led to the development of evidence-based interventions, resources and further research.