Generation Next empowers young people to take control of their mental and emotional wellbeing by providing them with the knowledge and tools to better look after their own and their peers’ mental health.

Generation Next offers broad-based education via student programs and interactive livestreams to build resilience in youth at an individual and whole-school level, increase mental health literacy and enable them to better look after their wellbeing. Our programs help young people better recognise and assess risks to their mental health, improve help-seeking behaviour and render them better placed to prevent the onset of mental illness. They also include valuable self-care strategies, empowering youth to better look after their wellbeing and manage mental illness.

Generation Next is currently working on an exciting new initiative – an interactive wellbeing app targeted at youth aged 15-25 – which aims to educate young people about mental illness, prevention, supports and management via a fun and engaging way.

Generation Next also ran the successful biannual Get Ya Head Right short film competition aimed at raising awareness and stimulating peer-to-peer conversations on mental health among primary and high school students.