Generation Next develops evidence-based interventions based on research projects we have undertaken.

Mental stillness, meditation and mindfulness are increasingly recognised as effective tools for improving wellbeing as well as protective factors in the prevention of mental illness. In response to the findings and results from the Mental Stillness Research Project, Generation Next developed the Mental Stillness Program, a primary mental illness prevention tool for Primary Schools.

Mental Stillness Program

The Mental Stillness Research Project aimed to develop and test modules for educating students and teachers on practicing mental stillness, as well as create an effective, easily replicable intervention that could be applied across all schools in Australia. The Project led to the development of an audio-visual resource which can be easily integrated into classroom practice and which has a demonstrable, long-term impact on improving student wellbeing and acts as a strong primary prevention mechanism against the onset of depression and anxiety in school-age students. To date, this is the only intervention of its kind in Australia that has been empirically tested, evaluated and proven to be effective.

Accessing the Resource

Generation Next has made available copies of this audio-visual resource to a wide network of schools and continues to do so through its seminars. Follow up evaluation is undertaken with recipients on an ongoing basis, and the resource continues to be popular as an accessible and effective intervention in schools.

Generation Next continues to provide the resource free of charge to schools. If your school has not yet received a copy and is interested in obtaining one, please contact us.

Implementing the Program

demonstration of how to implement the program and use the resource is available for free online as a training tool for teachers and school staff: