Selfie Culture, Adversity, Relationships, Potential


  • Overcoming Adversity – Dr Gill Hicks MBE
  • You Are More Than Your Selfie – Sarah Alderton
  • Reaching Your Potential – Turkan Aksoy
  • Consent & Healthy Relationships – Peter Baldwin

Participants need only an internet connection (ADSL 2 or better), projector, screen, audio system and a room to accommodate your students if watching the webcast as a group or an internet enabled device to watch as an individual.

Student & Youth Wellbeing Program Webcast

Due to the overwhelming response and feedback from our participants, we are currently working on making the 2019 Student & Youth Wellbeing Program available as a recording.  Please register your interest for receiving updates on this initiative below.

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Participating in this event helped me see where my fellow peers sit in terms of different things that impact us in our teenage lives. Seeing the amount of people across the country who are thinking about the same things I am is encouraging and empowering.


A great day. Comments from my students suggest they are thinking about these topics more deeply than before.