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Nurturing Young Minds

Edited by Dr Ramesh Manocha & Gyongyi Horvath
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Dr Huu Kim Le

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist in Adelaide, South Australia.

Dr Huu Kim Le is an Australian child and adolescent psychiatrist, based in Adelaide, South Australia. He grew up playing computer games and was always fascinated by digital worlds. A chance meeting with a patient who shared their mental illness with their online avatar inspired Dr Le to specialise in psychiatry and follow the growing research on Internet Gaming Disorder (IGD) in children and adolescents. In 2015, Dr Le conducted an investigation at the Institute of Mental Health in Singapore on IGD in children and adolescents.


How can we help our children maintain a healthy balance between the real world and the virtual world in an era that is forever more digitally connected? Not all children will develop an Internet Gaming Disorder, but a better understanding of how online games are designed and the effects of excessive gaming will give you the confidence to put in place the appropriate restrictions to maintain control, rather than lose it.

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CGI Clinic – This is my free web resource and Facebook page for parents, teachers and clinicians to aid internet awareness for you and your family:

Network for Internet Investigation and Research Australia – An Australian website linking professionals, clinicians and researchers in this growing field:

Common Sense Media – An online resource which is useful for parents to make informed decisions before purchasing a game for their child:

‘The Spell of Digital Immersion’ – My TEDx Talk delivered in Adelaide in 2015:

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