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Nurturing Young Minds

Edited by Dr Ramesh Manocha & Gyongyi Horvath
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Dr Chris Seton

Paediatric and Adolescent sleep physician, Sydney

Dr Chris Seton is a paediatric and adolescent sleep physician in Sydney. Chris assesses and treats all types of sleep problems in babies, children and adolescents. Chris helped establish Australia’s first Paediatric Sleep Investigation Unit at the Children’s Hospital, Camperdown, in 1990, and has worked as a Staff Specialist in Sleep Medicine and Respiratory Support, at what is now The Children’s Hospital Westmead, since that time. In 2015, Chris developed SleepShack, the world’s only online sleep diagnostic and treatment program for sleep deprived teens and pre-teens.


This chapter describes the common sleep problems seen in the adolescent years, the negative effects sleep problems have on physical and mental health, and how you, as a parent or professional, can rectify these problems. I will then explain when you can step in and help further if needed. You will read first about sleep problems, and then about sleep solutions.

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The Woolcock Institute Adolescent Sleep Seminar www.

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In school sleep education for students, teachers and parents:

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The Woolcock Institute of Medical Research – Adolescent Sleep Clinic and Adolescent Sleep Seminars in Sydney:

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