“Participating in this event helped me see where my fellow peers sit in terms of different things that impact us in our teenage lives. Seeing the amount of people across the country who are thinking about the same things I am is encouraging and empowering.”
(Year 12 Student, Student Program 2018)

The Generation Next Student Wellbeing and Leadership Program equips students and young people with the skills and understanding to help maintain good mental health. It also empowers them to become leaders and advocates for mental wellbeing within their peer groups, families, schools and the wider community. By increasing mental health literacy, providing peer support skills and strategies to look after their wellbeing, as well as raising awareness of supports available, the Program goes a long way towards contributing to preventing mental illness in young people and enabling them to better support others who are experiencing mental ill-health.

The Program addresses a range of topics based on student feedback and changes from year to year. The timing is carefully chosen in consultation with schools and educational bodies so that Year 12 students can also participate.

“The content was excellent and I wish all my staff could have participated. Mental Health issues are rising in students so gaining knowledge about it and strategies can only assist in coping and attending school.”
(Deputy Head Senior School, Student Program 2018)