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Video Interview: Alcohol, Resilience, Pop Culture and the Brain

Alcohol, Resilience, Pop Culture and the Brain, Assoc Prof Mike Nagel, 14 mins from Generation Next on Vimeo.

Associate Professor Mike Nagel
Duration: 14 mins

Assoc Prof Mike Nagel will be speaking at our Mental Health and Wellbeing Seminars on applying the new brain science to working with young people. The remaining seminars for this year will be in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide and Sydney. To register or download the brochure click on one of these locations or go to the events section of our website. These events are extremely popular so we urge you to book your seat soon!

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One Response to Video Interview: Alcohol, Resilience, Pop Culture and the Brain

  1. margaret thorpe says:

    having just watched the video with Ass Prof Mike Nagel – I come away so worried.
    He made some statements which give cause for those of us who are educators and for parents to take note.
    1. The culture of drinking to excess – how do we “rescue” the current generation who do this. We encouraged them to drink in moderation under the guise of “harm minimisation” – it got away from us. Now they are paying for it in their lives.
    2. The impact of time spent “on screen” which inhibits a young persons developing ability to read faces and learn to interact with others.
    3. The impact of media / advertising on attitude / brain development leading to lifestyle choices for young people.

    Keep up the good work folks!

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