Growing Happy, Healthy Young Minds and Nurturing Young Minds bundled together with a $10 saving.

CHAPTER LIST – Book 1: Growing Happy, Healthy Young Minds

What is Resilience and How to do it
Andrew Fuller

Using Positive Psychology
Dr Justin Coulson

Understanding the Teenage Brain
Dr Michael Nagel

Supporting a Young Person in their Decision Not to Use Alcohol or Other Drugs
Paul Dillon

Teens, Parties and Alcohol: A Practical Guide to Keeping Them Safe
Paul Dillon

Fostering a Positive Body Image
Prof Susan Paxton & Dr Siân McLean

Online Time Management
Tena Davies

Depression in Young People
Dr Bridianne O’Dea & Dr Aliza Werner-Seidler

Anxiety in Young People
Prof Jennie Hudson & Dr Anna McKinnon

Bullying Basics
Sandra Craig

What to do in a Mental Health Crisis
Dr Claire Kelly

Understanding Self-Harm
Dr Claire Kelly

Suicide and Attempted Suicide
Dr Claire Kelly

Helping Young People Get Help for Mental Health Problems
Debra Rickwood

Towards Prevention: Understanding Child Sexual Assault
Carol Ronken

Talking About Alcohol and Drugs
Siobhan Lawler, Nicola Newton, Katrina Champion & Lexine Stapinski

Harnessing the Minecraft Mindset for Success
Dan Haesler

Food, Mood and Mental Health
Felice Jacka

Understanding Eating Disorders in Young People
Dr Tina Peckmezian, Dr Michelle Blanchard & Danielle Cuthbert

Excessive Dieting and Exercise
Amy Burton, Andreea Heriseanu, Brooke Donnelly & Phillip Aouad

Anorexia Nervosa
Brooke Donnelly, Phillip Aouad, Amy Burton & Andreea Heriseanu

Bulimia and Binge Eating
Andreea Heriseanu, Brooke Donnelly, Amy Burton & Phillip Aouad

Bigorexia – Muscle Dysmorphia in Young People
Dr Scott Griffiths

CHAPTER LIST – Book 2: Nurturing Young Minds

Understanding Teen Sleep and Drowsy Kids
Dr Chris Seton

Emotions and Relationships Shape the Brains of Children
Dr Michael Nagel

Understanding the Teenage Brain
Dr Michael Nagel

Could it be Asperger’s?
Prof Tony Attwood

Problematic Internet Use and How to Manage It
Dr Philip Tam

Computer Game Addiction and Mental Wellbeing
Dr Huu Kim Le

Sexting: Realities and Risks
Jeremy Blackman & Lesley Podesta

Advice for Parents: Be a Mentor, Not a Friend
Tena Davies

Online Time Management
Tena Davies

Cyberbullying, Cyber-harassment and Revenge Porn
Susan McLean

The ‘Gamblification’ of Computer Games
James Driver

Online Grooming and Cyber Predators
Brett Lee

Violent Video Games and Violent Behaviour
Dr Wayne Warburton

Talking to Young People about Online Porn and Sexual Images
Collett Smart

The Commercialisation of Childhood
Christopher Zinn

Sexualisation: Why Should we be Concerned?
Maggie Hamilton

Porn as a Public Health Crisis
Liz Walker

How Boys are Travelling and What They Most Need
Maggie Hamilton

Understanding and Managing Anger and Aggression
Melissa Abu-Gazaleh

E-mental Health Programs and Interventions
Dr Jan Orman

Dyslexia and Learning Difficulties
Mark Le Messurier

Friendship and Social Skills
Madhavi Nawana Parker

Healthy Habits for a Digital Life
Dr Kristy Goodwin